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How Well Do You Know: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

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I got 24 out of 25 but the score said I got 12. fml
autumnpixiedust 5/21/11 1:37 pm


1. What is the song the soon-to-be-executed sing to express their plight.
Hoist the Colors
Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
The Macarena
2. Who has to remove three guns and a grenade from their person at Sao Feng's?
Captain Barbossa
Tia Dalma
3. Will unsuccessfully tried to steal what from Sao Feng?
Davy Jones' Heart
The Flying Dutchman
Navigational charts with the route to the Farthest Gate.
The Pirate Lord's Seal
4. Which of these is not one of the cryptic messages on the charts?
Flash of green
Glass and stone makes sand.
Over the edge.
Sunrise sets.
5. Jack Sparrow's first appearance in the film comes at what time mark?
3 minutes in
13 minutes in
33 minutes in
53 minutes in
6. Who moves The Black Pearl through the sand to the sea?
Crab creatures, thousands of them
Davy Jones
Jack Sparrow
Tia Dalma
7. Mr. Gibbs is assigned the task of informing Jack Sparrow he is where?
Captain's Purgatory
Davy Jones' Locker
Isla De Muerta
The sea without water
8. Whose presence convinces Jack that he is, in fact, in Davy Jones' Locker?
Captain Barbossa
Elizabeth Swann
Tia Dalma
Will Turner
9. Who should be ferrying those who die to the other side?
Davy Jones
Tia Dalma
Whomever controls Davy Jones' heart
10. How does Elizabeth discover her father is dead?
Jack sees him at the Farthest Gate.
She sees him in a boat en route to the other side.
Tia Dalma tells her.
When her mother appears in a dream and tells her.
11. How does the crew escape Davy Jones' Locker?
The crew drives straight through the waterfall.
Jack's "broken" compass leads them out.
Sao Feng's ship rescues them.
The ship is capsized at sunset.
12. Who led the mutiny against the crew of The Black Pearl?
Captain Barbossa
Sao Feng
13. Which of these crew members did not come to save Jack just because they missed him?
The monkey
14. Sao Feng accuses Elizabeth of what?
Being Calypso.
Being a spy for the Brethren Court.
Secuding his heart...and other parts of him.
Treason against the Brethren Court.
15. Who replaces Sao Feng as captain of his ship?
Admiral Norrington
Captain Barbossa
Lord Beckett
16. Who kills Admiral Norrington?
Boostrap Bill Turner
Davy Jones
Sao Feng
Tia Dalma
17. Which of these is not a Piece of Eight heirloom?
Fake eyeball
Queen of spades
18. What initiative does Captain Barbossa propose to the other pirate lords?
Kill Jack, bring him back to life then kill him again.
Make Jack get a haircut.
Release Calypso from her human form.
Shoot Jack, cut out his tongue then shoot his tongue.
19. Jack wants to follow the example of what sea-faring race?
20. The Keeper of the Pirate Codex is of what relation to Jack?
His brother
His dog
His father
His ex-girlfriend, Anamaria
21. Jack Sparrow casts the deciding vote to determine the new Pirate King. Who does he pick?
Captain Barbossa
Captain Teague
Elizabeth Swann
Will Turner
22. What unleashes a giant maelstrom in the ocean?
Elizabeth reveals Calypso's betrayal to Davy Jones.
Elizabeth reveals Davy Jones' betrayal to Calypso.
Will reveals Calypso's betrayal to Davy Jones.
Will reveals Davy Jones' betrayal to Calypso.
23. During the fight on the boat, what does Will ask Elizabeth?
"Are you in love with Jack Sparrow?"
"How did you get to be Pirate King?"
"Will stabbing the heart free Calypso?"
"Will you marry me?"
24. What happens to the crew of The Flying Dutchman when Will takes over as captain?
They are freed from their servitude.
They are thrown in the brig as punishment for their actions.
They stop being fish-like, regaining full human form.
They suffer the same fate as Davy Jones with all of their hearts being stabbed by their replacements
25. Who winds up with The Black Pearl at the end of the movie?
Jack Sparrow

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