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How Well Do You Know: A Fish Called Wanda
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A tale of murder, lust, greed, revenge and seafood

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1. What foils a clean getaway in the diamond heist?
The Metropolitan scuffers arrest George
The Metropolitan scuffers arrest Ken
The Metropolitan scuffers arrest Otto
The Metropolitan scuffers arrest Wanda
2. What foils the double-cross?
George hides the diamonds in a different location than originally planned
Ken sees Otto calling in the anonymous tip to Scotland Yard
Otto tries to join the London Underground and is caught
Wanda calls it off because she really loves George
3. Who besides George knows where the diamonds are?
4. Who besides Ken knows where the key is?
5. What do Wanda and Otto pretend to be?
Aunt and uncle
Brother and sister
Kissing cousins
6. What does Otto pretend to be to put Ken off his guard?
Gay and attracted to Ken
George’s long-lost brother
Ken’s long-lost half-brother
President of PETA
7. What task does George give Ken?
Keep Wanda from finding the diamonds
Keep Otto from hurting Wanda
Kill Mrs Coady
Kill Otto
8. What is Otto's bet with Ken?
That Ken can’t guess Otto’s middle name
That Ken can’t kill Mrs Coady
That Ken can’t kiss Wanda
That Ken can’t recite the alphabet backwards
9. How many attempts does Ken make to kill Mrs Coady?
Trick question; Ken never attempts to kill Mrs Coady
10. Who does Ken kill instead?
Mrs Coady’s birds
Mrs Coady’s children
Mrs Coady’s dogs
Trick question; Ken never kills anyone
11. Why does Wanda want to get close to Archie?
To learn about silly walks
To learn the British legal definition of a loony
To learn the location of the diamonds and if George implicated anyone else
To learn lovemaking from an expert
12. What does Wanda pose as in order to seduce Archie?
A barrister groupie
A distant cousin
A law student who is his biggest fan
A reporter doing a story on famous jewel heists
13. How is Wanda’s first seduction attempt foiled?
Ken interrupts, pretending to be Wanda’s husband
Otto interrupts, pretending to be a Chinese take-away deliveryman
Portia calls to say she is on her way home with some friends
Wendy comes home early as her car had a flat on the way to the theatre
14. How does Wendy end up with Wanda’s locket?
Archie has tried it on and Wendy sees it
Otto explains his presence as delivering a gift from a secret admirer
Portia finds it on the lawn and assumes it’s her mom’s
Wanda drops it whilst hiding and Wendy finds it
15. What is the real importance of Wanda’s locket?
The key to the safe deposit box holding the diamonds is in it
The key for the map to the location of the diamonds is in it
The key to Archie’s office safe where the diamonds are is in it
The key to the encrypted message revealing the location of the diamonds is in it
16. What does she tell Archie is the locket’s importance in order to get him to retrieve it?
It was a family heirloom first worn by Georges Cinq
It was the first gift George ever gave her
It was the last thing her now-deceased father ever gave her
It was the last thing her now-deceased mother ever gave her
17. How does Archie attempt to retrieve the locket?
By having Otto mug Wendy
By pretending to burgle his own house
By replacing it with a copy
By telling Wendy it’s cursed
18. What nearly prevents Archie from successfully reclaiming the locket?
Archie drops it in the fishpond on his way out of the house
Otto comes to apologize for hanging him out a window and foils the “burglary”
Wendy is wearing the locket and Archie can’t find it
Wendy sees the door has been jimmied and calls the local constable
19. What language do we first discover arouses Wanda sexually, and who speaks it?
Arabic, Ken
Chinese, George
Italian, Otto
Russian, Archie
20. What language does Wanda later discover arouses her even more, and who speaks it?
Arabic, Ken
Chinese, George
Italian, Otto
Russian, Archie
21. What trait in a lover does Archie think is very important to Wanda?
That he’s bisexual
That he’s handsome
That he’s a lawyer
That he’s rich
22. Why does Archie break up with Wanda?
He’s afraid he’s not rich enough for her
He’s afraid Otto will kill him if he doesn’t
He’s afraid she only wants him because he’s a lawyer
He’s afraid she’ll find out he can’t really speak Russian
23. How does Wendy find out about Archie’s affair with Wanda?
She’s having an affair with Otto and he tells her
She hires a private investigator because she’s suspicious of Archie
She overhears Otto giving Archie permission to have sex with Wanda
She sees them in flagrante
24. How is Ken finally successful in killing Mrs Coady?
She dies after being run down by the florist’s van delivering his funeral arrangement for her doggie
She dies of boredom waiting for him to finish asking her if she’d like help crossing the street
She dies of food poisoning from the three-day-old casserole he gives her as a condolence offering
She dies of a heart attack after seeing her last surviving doggie smashed by a safe
25. How does Wanda double-cross George during the trial?
She destroys his alibi
She implies he hired Ken to kill the eyewitness
She reveals she’s having an affair with his lawyer
She shows them she’s a man, baby!
26. How does Archie get George to tell him how to find the diamonds?
He convinces George Wanda conned them both and Bartlett filled him on the real deal
He convinces George Wanda was tipped the constables and they have to keep the diamonds from her
He convinces George Otto and Wanda are lovers and they have to keep the diamonds from them
He convinces George he’ll use the diamonds to stage a jailbreak
27. How does Archie catch Wanda escaping the courthouse undetected?
He comes upon her accidentally whilst heading out to get the diamonds for himself
He figures out what she’s up to when he finds out she’s in the ladies’ room
He follows Otto, knowing Wanda will meet up with her brother at some point
Wendy tells him where to find her after telling him he can stick the marriage in his bottom
28. How does Otto first try to get Ken to tell him where the diamonds are?
He ties Ken up and starts eating his fish
He ties Ken up and starts pitching Amway products
He ties Ken up and starts stripping for him
He ties Ken up and starts a video of “The Wild Wild West” film
29. What does Otto try next to make Ken tell him the location of the diamonds?
Making Ken listen whilst he reads Nietzsche's Also Sprach Zarathustra aloud
Sticking chips up Ken’s nose
Making Ken recite only words that start with K, C or B
Sticking Ken’s face in his odiferous sneakers
30. How does Archie truly feel about Wanda?
He admires her vitality
He loves with her
He is impressed with her intellect
He wants to have sex with her
31. What happens to Wanda whilst Archie is trying to find out from Ken where the diamonds are?
She has bodacious ta-tas
She has a fabulous wardrobe
She has the key to the safe deposit box
She has a plan for getting alimony from Wendy
32. How does Ken tell Archie where the diamonds are?
33. How does Ken exact revenge from Otto?
He gets Otto drunk and throws him in the Thames
He kisses Otto passionately after eating raw onions
He runs Otto down with a cement roller
He throws Otto into a tank of piranhas
34. What benefit does Ken derive from getting his own back from Otto?
He finally becomes a real boy
He finally experiences an orgasm
He finally understands the meaning of life
He finally stops stuttering
35. John Cleese’s character name in the film is a tribute to what screen legend?
Cary Grant
Rock Hudson
Basil Rathbone
John Wayne

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