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How Well Do You Know: Pacific Rim
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1. The very helpful text that appears as the film opens informs viewers that Kaiju and Jaeger, words that are rather important in the movie, are derived from these two languages:
Chinese and Italian
Japanese and German
Korean and Danish
Vietnamese and Russian
2. The fissure from which the Kaiju emerge is called the:
3. The Kaiju first announced their bad selves when a beast made land at this city:
San Francisco
San Diego
4. It's the joining of the minds of the two Jaeger pilots, and a lot can go wrong if it's not done correctly. It's called the:
5. The various Kaiju in the film are ranked by:
Names of world leaders
Fairy tale characters
6. When Raleigh and his soon-to-be deceased brother Yancy fight the Kaiju in the film, there is this complication:
There is a civilian boat in the vicinity
A nuclear bomb is about to go off
There is a massive electrical storm
A bridge is about to fall and crush many civilians
7. Yancy dies when:
His brain is fried by an electric shock
He is impaled through the chest by a Kaiju claw that pierces the Jaeger body
He suffers blunt force trauma by being bounced around in the Jaeger
He is torn out of the Jaeger
8. With the Jaeger program discredited, officials instead adopt this strategy:
Erect a wall around coastal cities
Erect a force field around coastal cities
Erect huge guns near coastal cities
Evacuate coastal cities
9. When Raleigh is summoned back into service, he is shown the refurbished Jaeger he used to pilot, which is galled the Gipsy:
10. Through the film, a clock is used to mark:
The time since the last Jaeger pilot was killed
The time left until a bomb planted in the Breach will detonate
The time since the last Kaiju attack
The time since the first Kaiju attack
11. The other Jaegers in the film include each of the following, except for:
Cherno Alpha, a Russian Jaeger
Jolly Bull, a British Jaeger
Crimson Typhoon, a Chinese Jaeger
Striker Eureka, an Australian Jaeger
12. When Mako Mori observes Raleigh training, she assesses that he is not right for the assignment, as he is:
Too guilt-ridden
Too furious
Too unpredictable
Too hesitant
13. Raleigh is antagonized by a fellow Ranger named Chuck, who is accompanied by a pet:
Boa constrictor
14. When Marshal Pentecost finally agrees to let Mako join Raleigh as his partner, he presents her with a:
Green fan
Yellow jacket
Red shoe
Black belt
15. When the neural handshake breaks between Mako and Raleigh breaks, she sees a memory of being:
Adrift at see
Chased through a destroyed city
Awakened in a fiery house
Carried by a Jaeger
16. Newt the specialist in Kaiju biology finds a man named Hannibal Chau. Why does Newt seek out Chau?
Chau knows how to kill Kaiju without a Jaeger
Chau is suspected to be a human-Kaiju hybrid
Chau has been growing Kaiju
Chau has a Kaiju brain
17. Oops, the dreaded "double event" occurs. So, what is the dreaded "double event"?
Two Kaiju emerge at the same time
The breach opens twice as wide
The Kaiju that emerges is twice as powerful
A single Kaiju kills two Jaegers at the same time
18. When Mako and Raleigh finally fight a Kaiju, it is during an attack on this city:
Los Angeles
Hong Kong
19. The Gipsy pummels a second Kaiju with a:
Radio tower
20. When the Gipsy finally defeats a Kaiju with a sword, the Jaeger is:
About to be crushed in an avalanche
Plummeting toward the Breach
Way above the earth
About to be decapitated
21. While Chau's gang attempts to harvest organs from a slain Kaiju, something odd happens. What is it?
The carcass is pulled back into the ocean by another Kaiju
The carcass dissolves in its own acid
Newt joins mentally with the dead beast
A baby Kaiju is born
22. The strain Pentecost suffered as a Jaeger pilot manifests itself as:
Temporary loss of vision
Panic attacks
Debilitating migraines
23. In explaining why the plan to bomb the Breach won't work, Newt and his annoying colleague use this analogy:
A network password
A supermarket barcode scanner
A lock and key
A screw and screwdriver
24. In the breach but with the Jaeger critically injured,
Both Raleigh and Mako eject and activate the reactor override remotely
Raleigh ejects Mako but stays in the Jaeger to override the reactor
Mako ejects Raleigh but stays in the Jaeger to override the reactor
Both Raleigh and Mako stay in the Jaeger to override the reactor
25. As the credits roll, Hannibal Chau emerges from inside a dead baby Kaiju, inquiring as to the whereabouts of his:

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