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How Well Do You Know: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade quiz

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1. What does young Indiana Jones attempt to retrieve from Fedora?
Cross of Coronado
Dupont's Diamond
Golden Arrowhead
Scrolls of Susperion
2. On the circus train, Indy falls into an area filled with...
Dancing bears
3. How does Indy suffer the chin injury that leaves him scarred for life?
An arrowhead lacerates him
A lion mauls him
A snake bites him
A whip lashes him
4. Who gives Indiana Jones his hat?
Professor Henry Jones
The Sheriff
5. "It belongs in a museum."
"It belongs framed on my wall."
"So do you."
"What will you want in a museum next? The Ark of the Covenant?"
"You say that about everything."
6. Dr. Jones tells his class that archeology is the search for what?
Buried treasure
Lost mysteries in the sand
7. What gift would a person receive were they to drink from the Holy Grail?
Entrance to the kingdom of Heaven
Eternal life
Knowledge of the ancients
Angelina Jolie's home phone number
8. Indy and Dr. Elsa Schneider state that he has:
His father's belief and his mother's cynicism
His father's eyes and his mother's ears
His father's mind and his mother's wisdom
His father's spirit and his mother's faith
9. How does Indy find the right mark on the floor of the library?
Books are filed out of order in the Dewey Decimal system there.
His allergies act up due to the dust from the hole in the floor.
The runes align to form an arrow down.
X marks the spot.
10. Elsa: What's this one? Indy: Fill in the blank. Elsa: Are you sure? Indy: Pretty sure.
Ark of the Covenant
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Temple of Doom
A wookie
11. Indy didn't come for the Cup of Christ. What did he come for?
His father
Sense of purpose
Alison Doody's booty
12. Since Indy's met Elsa, he's nearly been all of the following except:
Chopped into fish bait
Thrown out of a library
13. Who hits Indy in the back of the head with a vase?
The butler who identifies himself as Mickey Mouse
Professor Henry Jones
One of the nazis. We hate those guys.
14. Where is the beginning of the Grail's location Dr. Henry Jones has sought his entire life to discover?
15. How does Dr. Henry Jones know Elsa is a traitor?
He knows to never trust a woman.
Marcus told him during their last conversation to beware.
She talks in her sleep.
Walter's letters name her.
16. How do Austrians and Germans say good-bye?
Austrians kiss, Germans punch
Austrians punch, Germans kiss
Austrians slap, Germans punch
Austrians punch, Germans slap
17. How does Henry Jones uncover the secret staircase?
He accidentally starts a fire that lights the chimney signal.
He pulls library books. They're always opened by library books.
He sits down and thinks.
He trips and breaks his hip. Dude is like 712.
18. Who autographs Indy's grail book?
Eva Braun
Adolf Hitler
Jesse Owens
Erwin Rommel
19. While they're flying the plane, Henry Jones accidentally does what?
Dumps his briefcase in a field of goats.
Nails Indy with an umbrella.
Shoots down The Messerschmidt.
Shoots down his own plane.
20. What buys off the Sultan?
Indy's bejeweled pendant from the start of the movie
A Rolls-Royce Phantom Two
A tank
21. How does Donovan coerce Indy into helping him beat the three challenges for the grail?
He shoots Elsa.
He shoots Henry.
He shoots Indy.
He shoots several random hostages.
22. Which of these is not one of the three tests of the Holy Grail?
Breath of God
Light of God
Path of God
Word of God
23. How does Indy almost mess up the trial of the Word of God?
He forgets that in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I.
He spells the deity as God rather than Jehovah.
He spells the deity as Yahweh rather than Jehovah.
He translates the words as son of God at first.
24. Indiana Jones uncovers the mystery of the Holy Grail's appearance, thereby saving him from the horrific, face-eating horror Donovan receives. How does he determine the Grail's appearance?
He deciphers the ancient sanscrit text.
He deciphers the ancient latin text.
He has an epiphany about the gold inlay.
He realizes a carpenter's cup would be humble.
25. What did Henry Jones name his dog?

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