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How Well Do You Know: The Big Bang Theory, Season 6 Recap
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1. "The Date Night Variable" - While Sheldon is on his date with Amy, Leonard puts together a night just for Penny. He has all her favorite things like beer, sliders and wings. He also painted his stomach. What did he paint on his stomach?
Go Team!
Go Sports!
Go Cornhuskers!
Yay, Football!
2. "The Date Night Variance" - As Sheldon and Amy's date is ending Amy gets annoyed at Sheldon for not expressing or showing that he cares for her. In one last ditch effort, Amy demands Sheldon say something meaningful and from the heart or they're done. Sheldon gives a monologue instead. Which film does he quote?
Captain America
Star Trek
Return of the Jedi
3. "The Decoupling Fluctuation" - What chore does Howard "Fruit Loops" Wolowitz have to do while living in the space station?
Everyone's laundry
Clean the windows
Clean the toilet
Put every screw and bolt in order.
4. "The Decoupling Fluctuation" - Raj invites Stewart to join the group for a movie. Sheldon isn't happy about it and is told to pretend he's Howard. What brand of candy does Sheldon want Stewart to eat just like Howard would?
Junior Mints
5. "The Higgs Boson Observation" - With only a few days to go in space Howard is starting to go stir crazy. What does he ask Bernadette to let him watch her do to help him feel normal again?
Eat something
Drop something
Flash something
Drink something
6. "The Re-entry Minimization" - While the group is playing Pictionary we see Sheldon wearing a t-shirt with the number 73 written on it. That shirt and number is a throwback to a previous episode in an earlier season. What does the number stand for?
It's the year of his favorite scientific discovery
It's the atomic number of his favorite element
It's his highest bowling score.
Sheldon thinks it's the best number
7. "The Re-entry Minimization" - After getting demolished in Pictionary by Penny and Amy, Sheldon says it's not a true test of any real intelligence or skill and suggests a rematch. The group competes at a "Where's Waldo?" speed finding contest, a game of dizzy long division and one other contest. What is the final competition?
Pie eating contest
Team Jenga battle
Blindfolded darts
Race up the stairs
8. "The Habitat Configuration" - Wil Wheaton guest stars on "Fun With Flags". What flag does he present on the show?
Starfleet Command Flag
United Federation of Planets
United Space Flag
9. "The Habitat Configuration" - Sheldon lands another Star Trek actor to appear on his show. Which other Star Trek alum guests stars on "Fun With Flags".
Michael Dorne
Brent Spiner
Gates McFadden
Lavar Burton
10. "The 43 Peculiarity" - Leonard is jealous of Penny's friend from school that is working on a project with her. He follows him as he goes down the stairs and tell him that Penny's boyfriend is, "Ganged up." What's the name of the gang that Leonard is supposedly a member of?
The Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Scientists
The X Men
The C Men
11. "Episode Eight" - At 2:45pm every day Sheldon goes off alone. He won't say where he's going so Raj and Howard follow him to a room that isn't his. What they find is a small room with some folding chairs, a table and a chalkboard with a number written on it. What is Sheldon doing in that room every day?
Playing ping pong
Kicking a hacky sack
Building a giant house of cards
Playing with dominoes
12. "Episode Eight" - The number on the chalkboard is how many consecutive times Sheldon was able to kick the hacky sack. What was the number?
13. "The Parking Spot Escalation" - Howard and Sheldon argue over a parking space throughout the episode. Howard argues that he doesn't use it so it should be fine that he gets the spot. In retaliation Sheldon takes something of Howard's that he isn't using. It smells funny. What is it?
A belt buckle
Hulk hands
Iron Man helmet
Superman boots
14. "The Parking Spot Escalation" - Sheldon brags that he is solely responsible for the university's six loop quantum gravity calculations, changed the way we think about Bose-Einstein condensates and he's also the one who did what?
Got the NSA to pay the school a visit
Got the school to switch to the soft toilet paper
Got Nutter Butters in the vending machine
Got an Icee machine put in the cafeteria
15. "The Fish Guts Displacement" - Amy gets sick and Sheldon is forced by the relationship agreement to take care of Amy. Amy recovers and then fakes still being ill to get the attention from Sheldon that she craves. Sheldon finds out and thinks she should be punished. How is Amy punished?
She had to write an essay reflecting on what she did wrong
Sheldon spanks Amy
She had to end every sentence with, "Sheldon is right".
She has to get dressed up as comic book character of his choosing
16. "The Santa Simulation" - Leonard sets up a D&D night for the guys and Stewart. It's not a normal game as Leonard has given the game a Christmas theme. At one point the group has to sing a Christmas carol to stop walls from closing in on them. What carol do they have to sing?
Good King Wenceslas
O Come All Ye Faithful
Silent Night
Deck The Halls
17. "The Santa Simulation" - On Christmas Eve when Leonard was a child he didn't leave Santa milk and cookies. What did he leave instead?
Rice crackers and soy milk
His resume
A research paper
A scone and Earl Grey tea
18. "The Santa Simulation" - While discussing rejection, Amy mentions that in college she passed out at a frat party and something happened to her. What happened?
She woke up with no clothes on
She woke up in a different city and state
She woke up on a raft
She woke up with more clothes on
19. "The Egg Salad Equivalency" - Raj lists a lot of cereal mascots. What does he realize they all have in common?
They're all dudes.
They're all white.
They're all animals.
They're all short.
20. "The Egg Salad Equivalency" - Sheldon goes to his "Council of Ladies" for advice about his assistant Alex flirting with Leonard. To protect the innocent he changes everyone's name. What name does he give himself?
Dr. Doom Von Brainiack
Dr. Spock Von Smartypants
Dr. Einstein Von Brainstorm
Dr. Genius Von Smartguy
21. "The Monster Isolation" - Sheldon was unable to post his previously filmed Black History Month "Fun With Flags" episode because his portrayal of which historical figure was deemed "wildly racist" by Leonard?
Martin Luther King Jr.
George Washington Carver
Bobby Seale
Malcolm X
22. "The Closet Reconfiguration" - Raj makes a video for Ms. Davis of the tenure committee. What celestial body does he claim to have discovered at the age of 5?
The Moon
The Sun
The North Star
23. "The Closet Reconfiguration" - Sheldon tries to butter up Ms. Davis of the tenure committee by buying her a gift. What does he buy her?
Roots DVD
Gift certificate to KFC
Subscription to Ebony magazine
Tickets to the Lakers
24. "The Proton Resurgence" - Leonard and Sheldon hire the actor that played Prof. Proton to come to their apartment and do children's science experiments. Which famous TV actor guest starred as Prof. Proton?
Alan Thicke
Bill Nye
Bob Newhart
Jerry Seinfeld
25. "The Love Spell Potential" - Penny, Amy and Bernadette are headed to Vegas but they never get there. Why?
They were all too drunk to fly
Bernadette got sick on Cinnabun
Penny's psychic told her something bad was going to happen
Amy elbowed a TSA agent

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