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How Well Do You Know: Stardust
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Stardust quiz

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1. Who provides the voice of the Narrator?
Sean Connery
Jim Dale
Anthony Hopkins
Ian McKellen
2. What does Dustan Thorn do during his visit outside the Wall in Stormhold?
Buys an enchanted medallion
Has sex
Makes three wishes
Tries to capture a magical creature
3. What is the King of Stormhold's final act?
He declares the people of the land free.
He names his successor, Primus.
He notifies his sons that the throne will pass to the final living male heir.
He traps Una in a cage.
4. What causes the star to fall out of the sky?
The King of Stronghold teleports it to his throne room.
A magic necklace knocks it out of the sky.
Tristan wishes for it and the Babylon Candle delivers.
Una prays for its arrival.
5. Why does Tristan enter Stronghold?
To liberate his mother from slavery.
To return honor to his family's name.
To get the star, thereby winning Victoria's hand in marriage.
Same reason Daddy did, illicit faerie sex.
6. Which of the following is *not* the name of one of the three witch sisters?
7. What injury has befallen the star?
Broken arm
Broken leg
She is made mute by her human form
She is rendered blind
8. How does Tristan get past the wall?
By Babylon candle
He beats up the old man
He tricks the old man
The king summons him
9. How does Ditchwater Sal find out about the star?
She feeds Lamia limbus grass, causing her to inadvertently blurt it out
She hears about it from Primus, who is on his way to find the necklace
She sees it crash
She uses a crystal ball
10. How many times does the soothsayer throw the runes?
11. Yvaine, the star, is freed from her chain by what mystical creature?
12. Who saves Tristan from drinking the poison?
Ditchwater Sal
The unicorn
13. Which princely brother is the first one to be in the presence of the necklace during the journey?
14. How do Yvaine and Tristan escape from Lamia's inn?
Bernard turns back to normal and helps them out
The unicorn breaks down a wall
Tristan uses the Babylon candle
Yvaine teleports them to a pirate ship
15. Which of the king's sons is the last one alive?
16. Captain Shakespeare has a secret. What is it?
He gets seasick
He likes to dress in women's clothing
He's afraid of heights
He's Ditchwater Sal's brother
17. Captain Shakespeare makes his crew believe what?
Eats Lamia for dinner
He runs Tristan through
He throws Tristan off the airship
He throws Yvaine off the airship
18. Captain Shakespeare teaches Tristan how to swordfight. What does he teach Yvaine?
A different kind of swordfight
How to do magical spells
How to draw
How to play the piano
19. What causes Yvaine to glow?
Proximity to the necklace
20. Who kills Ferdie the Fence?
Captain Shakespeare
Ditchwater Sal
21. Why doesn't Ditchwater Sal do anything to Yvaine while she is in her wagon?
The necklace magically protects her
She can't see her due to Lamia's curse
She's planning to ambush her later
Una's spell prevents it
22. Why does Yvaine finally feel comfortable in sharing her feelings to/about Tristan?
Captain Shakespeare tells her it's the only way she'll ever be free of the curse.
It will free Una from her curse.
Since Tristan is a mouse, she presumes he can't understand her.
True love will allow her to return to the stars.
23. What happens to Yvaine if she crosses the wall?
She becomes human...and all too mortal.
She can never go home again.
She is permanently enslaved by Ditchwater Sal.
She turns to stardust.
24. How does Septimus die?
He is burned alive by Lamia.
He is drowned by Lamia and so is his voodoo doll.
He is impaled by Lamia.
He is stabbed in the back by Una.
25. "What do stars do?"
Light the night sky.
Go to rehab.

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