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How Well Do You Know: Chernobyl Diaries
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1. The film opens with footage of:
News reports detailing the Chernobyl disaster
Radiation-suit wearing scientists
Chris, Natalie and Amanda frolicking through scenic European landmarks
Residents of pre- disaster Chernobyl going through their daily lives
2. Chris, Natalie and Amanda meet up with Chris's brother Paul in this Eastern European city:
3. From a conversation between Chris and Paul, we learn that during the trip, there is to be a:
Surprise birthday party
Surprise proposal
Surprise breaking-up
Surprise wedding
4. Paul entices the group to visit Chernobyl, describing it as this type of tourism:
5. Heading off on the tour, Paul, Chris and company are joined by Zoe, who is Norwegian, and her boyfriend Michael, who is:
6. Uri is rebuffed at a guard post when he tries to gain access to the area. What reason does he give to the group that the area is closed?
Foreigners are not allowed inside the area
It's closed for maintenance
Radiation levels are too high
The military is conducting exercises
7. Where Uri's van stops for the first time, the group comes across a (nearly) dead, mutated:
8. When the group arrives at the town, they notice these two amusement park-style attractions:
Fun house & bumper cars
Ferris wheel & bumper cars
Ferris wheel & carousel
Carousel & fun house
9. Uri leads the group into an apartment building. What lies across the entrance to the building?
Warning signs
Barbed wire
Ammunition casings
A dead animal
10. The journey through the apartment building includes a close encounter with this type of animal:
11. Uh oh, the van won't start. Uri discovers that this part of the vehicle has been mysteriously sabotaged:
Gas tank
Spark plugs
12. It's dark now, and the group hears noises. Uri goes to investigate the source of the sounds:
With both of the brothers
With one of the brothers
With one of the females
By himself
13. Uri and Chris are attacked. Uri doesn't make it back. Chris does, though with a badly injured:
14. When the lights in the van go out, the vehicle and the group inside are attacked by:
Mutant humans
Once again, a bear
Risen-from-the-dead Uri
15. The first item of Uri's that is found the following day is his:
16. Paul, Amanda, Zoe and Michael come across an old junkyard. Paul finds a van, which has this/these signs of struggle:
The van has been burned
A severed arm in the van
Razor wire wrapped around the van
Ammunition exit holes
17. Having salvaged a part that will start their van, the group is attacked by these types of animals on their way back to Chris and Natalie:
Fish & birds
Dogs & fish
Birds & wolves
Dogs & bears (again with the bears!)
18. When they get back to the van, Paul and the others find Chris and Natalie have vanished, and the van:
Is no where to be found
Has been turned upside down
Has been blown up
Has been burned
19. When Paul and the others get their first clear, up-close glimpse of one of the mutants, it is in the form of:
A wheelchair-bound man
A young girl
An extremely tall man
A very old woman
20. Having been briefly rescued by the group, Natalie is re-captured by the mutants as she is:
Pulled through a window
Pulled down stairs
Pulled into a well
Pulled into a pool of water
21. The final remnant of Chris that the group finds is his:
Engagement ring
22. The group is just down to Paul and Amanda, as the survivors emerge from their underground flight to find themselves:
In the control room of a reactor
Not far from one of the guard posts
Near the Ferris wheel where they originally left the van
In an open make-shift cemetery
23. Radiation is a bitch. Paul and Amanda realize this as their vision starts to go and:
Their skin blisters
Their noses bleed
Their hair falls out
Their tongues swell
24. Will Paul emerge from this trip alive? All signs point to "No", especially when he is:
Torn apart by mutants
Shot by military personnel
Hit by a fast-moving vehicle
Attacked by a bear
25. At first it seems that Amanda has survived the ordeal, but then.....not so much. What are Amanda's final words?
They're coming
I'm fine
Who's there?
I'm an American

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