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How Well Do You Know: World War Z
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1. Gerry Lane's immediate family consists of his wife Karin and:
Two sons
Two daughters
A son and a daughter
No children
2. At the beginning of the film, the Lanes live in this northeast US city:
Washington, DC
New York
3. Fairly early in the film, Gerry estimates the amount of time it takes to go from bitten-to-zombie. The transformation takes roughly:
10 seconds
30 seconds
20 seconds
40 seconds
4. The first sign of irregularity on what will soon become an increasingly hellish day is when this happens as the Lanes sit in traffic:
A bridge collapses
A horse-mounted policeman is hit by a city bus
The car rearview mirror is broken off
A bomb explodes in the city
5. With things quickly going to hell, the Lanes escape the city in this type of vehicle:
A school bus
An ambulance
A semi truck
6. Gerry receives a call from his former boss, beseeching Gerry to come back to work. For which organization did Gerry used to work?
World Health Organization
Homeland Security
United Nations
United States Army
7. A boy named Tommy escapes with the Lanes after Tommy's parents:
Go missing during the middle of the night
Die in an explosion
Are shot by military gunmen, even though they are not infected
Get zombie-infected, naturally
8. The Lanes and Tommy escape Tommy's apartment building:
Via the roof
Via a tunnel
Via a freight elevator
Via a window
9. Medical smart-guy Andrew Fassbach argues that the zombification is acting like a virus, likening it to:
Spanish flu
10. This is the first country Gerry is dispatched to, in order to try to identify the cause of the sickness:
South Africa
South Korea
11. Gerry is reluctantly pressed into action, as he is told:
He himself might have a dormant form of the virus
His family will be executed if he does not cooperate
His cooperation is the only way family can stay on their safe ship
The world will be totally overrun in 36 hours
12. Dr. Fassbach states that ________ is a serial killer:
Mother Nature
Planet earth
The human body
13. For all his book-smarts, Dr. Fassbach doesn't last long in the field. He dies when he:
Is beheaded by propellers
Accidentally shoots himself dead
Intentionally shoots himself dead
Is shot to death by Gerry
14. What does Gerry find suspicious about the Israeli preparedness to combat the outbreak?
The zombie outbreak was thought to have originated there
Their walls were all finished just in time
Reports state that they Israelis slaughtered perfectly healthy people
The Israelis completely cut off all communication with the outside world
15. Gerry's contact in Israel admits that his country's preparedness was based on:
Artifacts exhumed in Syria
Intercepted communications from an army general in India
Reports generated after US defense systems were hacked
Blood samples taken from stricken Red Sea vacationers
16. The Mossad chief explains this rule to Gerry:
Safety in numbers rule
Survival of the skeptics rule
Israel first rule
10th man rule
17. The Israeli wall was breached by:
Zombies tunneling under the wall
Zombies going over the wall
Zombies knocking the wall down
Stray gunfire from a helicopter
18. The breach of walls coincide with the people inside the compound:
Shooting off guns
Shooting off fireworks
Standing in silent prayer
19. As he is fleeing Israel, Gerry notices an important clue as the zombies ignore and rush by:
A pregnant woman
Bleeding people
Cats and dogs
An emaciated boy
20. Gerry's companion for the second half of the movie is an Israeli solider named Segen, whose ________ is cut off by Gerry when she is bitten:
21. Gerry and Segen escape Israel on an ill-fated flight originally bound for which country?
22. After Gerry makes contact with the refuge ship, the plane he is on is diverted to a WHO facility in:
The Canary Islands
23. Where on the plane is a zombie lying in wait?
In an elevator
In the cockpit
In an overhead compartment
In the lavatory
24. Waking up after the plane crash, Gerry realizes:
He might have been bitten
A big old piece of metal has pierced his abdomen
Everyone thinks he is dead
No one else survived the crash
25. Gerry: "I believe these things have a weakness, and that weakness is:"
26. One of the WHO doctors: "I mean, infecting a populous with a lethal illness is not exactly a cure."

Gerry responds: "It's not a cure. It's _________"
27. As Gerry and the others in the WHO complex make their way across the skybridge, they arm themselves with each of the following, except for:
Baseball bat
28. With everyone thinking that Gerry is dead, Gerry's family is moved off the ship and relocated to a safe zone in:
Nova Scotia
29. About to inject himself with the virus, Gerry holds up a sign that reads:
This had better damn well work
One small step for man
This either wins or loses the war
Tell my family I love them
30. What is the last line of the film?
We have survived, for now
Our war has just begun
Disease was the cure
Mankind will go on

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