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How Well Do You Know: The Conjuring
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1. The film begins with the Warrens recounting their experience with three youngsters who are haunted by a doll. What is the name of the spirit inside the doll?
2. The women who are spooked by the doll find messages scrawled throughout their residence. The messages read:
I'm coming
You'll be sorry
Miss me?
Play with me
3. The Perron family moves into their new house in Rhode Island. The very first sign that something is wrong is:
A dead bird crashes through the window
The family dog resists entering the house
The family crucifix won't stay affixed to the wall
A moaning sound is heard after the family crosses the threshold
4. Where does the youngest Perron daughter find the accursed jack-in-the box?
In the carrrr-eepy wardrobe
In a hole beneath the clothes line
Under the porch of the house
At the base of a tree
5. The boarded-up entrance to cellar is found:
When Roger tries to find the location of a draft
When several of the daughters smell smoke
As Roger tries to find the furnace
After a game of hide-and-clap
6. RIP Sadie. The family dog is found dead:
At the foot of one of the girl's bed
Under a window outside the house
On the porch swing
In the cellar
7. Early on, the Perrons realize all the clocks in the house stop ever night at this time:
8. Ed Warren suggests that his wife Lorraine suffered from an encounter with a spirit during:
An exorcism
The death of her twin sister
During Ed's own near-death experience
9. The Perron daughters frequently mention this oddity, which is another clue that something is very very wrong in the house:
Dark shadows creep across the walls
A bad smell
The lights constantly flicker
Shutters open and slam shut
10. On whom do we first notice bruises?
Carolyn Perron (the mother)
The oldest Perron daughter
The youngest Perron daughter
Roger Perron
11. One night, a clearly terrified Christine tells her sister Nancy:
"There's someone under the bed"
"There's someone outside the window"
"There's someone next to you in your bed"
"There's someone behind the door"
12. Things really start to go to hell one night when Roger away. Carolyn hears clapping and giggling, right before these objects are damaged violently:
Family photos
Religious figurines
Stuffed animals
13. What is Carolyn holding as she is invited to play hide-and-clap in the stairwell to the cellar?
A Bible
A flashlight
Her daughter's hand
14. The last straw before the Perrons seek help comes when one of the daughters is attacked by a demonic looking figure:
From inside a wardrobe
From on top of a wardrobe
From a bathtub
From a bathroom cabinet
15. Lorraine approaches the Weavers:
After a college speaking engagement
As they come out of church
At their home
At a restaurant
16. One of the girls has an imaginary friend, who has the same name as one of the slain children in the house's history. The name of the child/spirit is:
17. Lorraine is horrified to see a figure hanging:
From the roof of the house
In the cellar
From the wardrobe
From the tree by the lake
18. Lorraine traces the history of the cursed house back to an accused witch with this biblical name:
19. Among the small crew that the Warrens bring to spend night at the Perron house is a:
20. Ed and Roger share a bonding moment as Ed helps:
Fix the furnace
Fix Roger's car
Chop firewood
Fix a leaking sing
21. Immediately before Carolyn's possession, Lorraine sees the shape of an invisible figure outlined by:
A bed sheet
Dry leaves
Lake water
22. "Look what she made me do!" Who has an spooky encounter in the house with a woman dressed as a made with slashed wrists?
Officer Brad
23. When Cindy Perron apparently vanishes in a bedroom, Ed and Roger find her in the wardrobe by:
Calling to her
Using a UV light
Following a draft
Playing hide-and-clap with her
24. Lorraine ends up in the cellar after falling through the floor when she is:
In the attic
In the kitchen
On the porch
Behind the wardrobe
25. During her trip to the cellar, Lorraine loses this belonging:
A shoe
Her necklace
A scarf
An earring
26. Where does Lorraine see a haunting vision of her daughter Judy?
In the attic
In the lake
In a tree
In the cellar
27. In a scene back at the Weaver house, we see Judy terrorized by the Annabelle doll who appears:
In Judy's bed
In a rocking chair
Under Judy's bed
In Judy's toy chest
28. Back at the Perron household, a possessed Carolyn tries to sacrifice her daughter using:
A noose
A butcher knife
Shards of a broken mirror
29. During the exorcism, the house is best by a swarm of:
30. During the exorcism, Carolyn and the others race to find the young April, who is trapped:
Under the kitchen floor
Behind the wardrobe
In the cellar
Under the cellar

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