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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E10: Fire and Blood
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1. The first image that we see on screen as the episode opens is that of:
Arya getting her hair cut off
A raven flying
Catelyn collapsing
A bloody sword
2. Back at Winterfell, Bran reports a dream in which he sees his father Ned:
In the family crypt
Walking along the top of the Wall
Floating down a river
Praying underneath a tree
3. But it's not only Bran that has the haunting dream that foretells Ned's death. Who else has had a similar dream?
4. Meanwhile, in the Riverlands, Robb has received news of his father's execution, and is understandably not taking the tidings well. When we first see Robb in the episode, he is:
Running madly through the camp
Beating a tree with his sword
Digging at the earth with his bare hands
Beating up Jamie Lannister
5. Is there any chance that Joffrey mellowed in the afterglow of Ned's execution? You guessed it. The young king orders this to be done to a bard who sings a poorly-chosen song at court:
He is beheaded
His hands are cut off
His is castrated
His tongue is cut out
6. Sansa shows a little backbone when she has some curt words for Joffrey. As Joff has been taught never to strike a lady, he responds by:
Ordering his guards to strip Sansa
Ordering his guards to lock Sansa away
Ordering his mother to strike Sansa
Ordering his guard to strike Sansa
7. Sansa moves to push Joffrey off the bridge on which they stand, but is stopped by:
The Hound
8. At the Lannister camp, Big Man on Campus Tywin Lannister makes this somewhat surprising declaration:
He will seek to free his son Jamie
Tyrion will be Hand of the King
He will sue for peace with the Starks
Ned Stark should be given an honorable burial
9. Yes, Tywin orders Tyrion to be Hand of the King....but oh yeah, there's this one condition:
Tyrion must obey and respect Joffrey
Tyrion must spy on Cersei for Tywin
Tyrion must take a vow of chastity before he leaves for Kings Landing
Tyrion will not not take Shae with him
10. Now is the winter of Daenerys's discontent. She awakens to find each of the following, except for:
Drogo is catatonic
Virtually the entire khalasar has deserted her
One of the dragon eggs was destroyed
Her baby did not survive childbirth
11. At the Wall, Jon Snow decides to leave to ride south. But his desertion is short-lived when:
Jon's direwolf shepherds his horse back to the Wall
Jon is outsmarted by Sam
Jon is ridden down by the Lord Commander
Sam and his peers convince him to come back
12. Daenerys decides to put an end to Khal Drogo's life by:
Poisoning him
Smothering him
Burning him alive
Putting him on his horse which she then drives off a cliff
13. Now dubbed Ary, the youngest Stark daughter is smuggled out of King's Landing by Yoren, who strikes out for this destination:
The Wall
Robb's camp
14. Each of the following is placed in/on the funeral pyre at the end of the episode, except for:
Mirri Maz Duur
Drogo's horse
15. Here's an interesting tidbit to close out our Season 1 trivia. HBO had to issue an apology by using a likeness of which US President in the gallery of severed heads that Sansa is forced to gaze over?
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
Richard Nixon

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