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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 14: Objects in Space
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I got 100% here. I marked the correct answers but the wrong answers were selected. I know my answers so I think there may be a glitch. just saying. I know Shepherd Book was first hurt and I guesses 100,00 credit.
Rosalita 5/29/11 1:29 pm


1. Who is telling a story of naked revelry at the start of the episode?
2. River thinks she's picking up a branch during this episode. What is she actually picking up?
A bomb
A crossbow
A gun
A knife
3. Kaylee recounts a story wherein she states that River kills three people by/with...
breaking their backs
making their brains explode
scaring them to death
4. The captain believes River is...?
Beyond help
More a danger to the alliance than to her crew
A silly name
5. "That sounds like something out of science fiction."
"It's not like anyone is slaying vampires."
"Says the captain of a starship."
"We live in a spaceship, dear."
"You come from an alien planet."
6. Who is the first crew member Jubal Early subdues?
Shepherd Book
7. What is the main color of Jubal Early's space suit?
8. What uncomfortable question does Jubal Early ask Kaylee?
"Are you hormonal?"
"How do you feel about threesomes?"
"How YOU doin'?"
"You ever been raped?"
9. Which of these Serenity crew members is *not* physically subdued by Jubal Early?
Shepherd Book
10. What is the bounty on River Tam?
100,000 credits
200,000 credits
500,000 credits
1,000,000 credits
11. "You're talking to Serenity, and Early..."
"Bullets can't hurt ships."
"Serenity has no friends."
"Serenity is more than just an object in space."
"Serenity is very unhappy."
12. River asks for help from some crew members. Who are they?
Kaylee, Mal, Zoe and Wash
Jayne and Book
Jayne and Simon
Jayne and Inara
13. What is the smallest cargo Jubal Early has ever had to transport?
Baseball cards
Bobble-head geisha dolls
A diamond tiara
A deadly and unpredictable midget
14. "You're not in my gorram mind..."
"That only happens in science fiction."
"You don't know me. You only think you do."
"You're on my gorram ship."
"You wouldn't like it there if you were."
15. What happens to Jubal Early at the end of the episode?
He is stranded in space
He is in a brig on Sihnon
He is eaten by Reavers
Serenity blows up his ship

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