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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 7 Episode 20: Training Day
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1. The episode begins with Michael and Deangelo meeting each other and chatting without either realizing who the other is. Where does this meeting take place?
An airport baggage claim area
A hotel bar
The Dunder-Mifflin parking lot
2. When Michael tells Deangelo that he's moving to Colorado, Deangelo warns that everyone he knows who has _________ has died.
Smoked weed
Moved to Colorado
3. Kevin is proud of his new, not-obvious-at-all hairpiece: "It's not ________ - it's Kevin Malone: equally handsome, equally smart"
Ashton Kutcher
Justin Timberlake
Casey Affleck
Bradley Cooper
4. Introducing himself, Deangelo says that this is his favorite region of the country (Daryl sycophantically agrees):
Extreme midwest
5. Deangelo warns that he has an allergy to this, which Michael uses to his advantage later in the episode:
Dairy products
6. Which female member of the audience engineers a meet-cute with Deangelo?
7. Mad about being passed over for promotion, Dwight lures Michael into the hallway with the promise of:
Cotton candy
A turtle
A squirrel
8. Receiving conflicting advice from Michael and Deangelo, Erin is completely paralyzed when she tries to perform this routine office task:
Make copies
Sort mail
Empty recycling
Answer the phone
9. Deangelo has a rap session with the staff in his office while both he and Michael:
Get massages
Get their shoes shined
Get shaved
Have a doctor administer physicals
10. Branded the office "funny guy" by Deangelo, Andy does each of the following to please his new manager, except for:
Drinking soap
Pouring hot coffee down his pants
Sticking his hand in the toaster
Slamming his head in the freezer door
11. Dwight becomes thoroughly discouraged with Michael when he learns:
Michael didn't recommend him for promotion
Michael won't sell Dwight his condo
Michael won't leave Dwight his parking space
Michael won't recommend to Deangelo that he fires Jim
12. Deangelo, referring to Cece: I'm telling you, that baby could be the star of a show called "__________________"
The Cutest Darned Baby in Scranton
World's Ugliest Babies
Babies Like Me Are a Waste of Time
Babies I Don't Care About

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