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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E07: You Win or You Die
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1. The episode of the title comes from a remark, which also give the series its name, that __________ makes to Ned Stark:
2. "Lannisters don't act like fools." While counseling his oldest son, Tywin Lannister is:
Counting gold
Butchering an animal
Practicing archery
Trapping ravens
3. With respects to his captured son Tyrion, Twyin commands:
That he be left to be killed in the Vale
That Jamie take a ransom to the Vale to free him
That he be killed on sight
That Jamie take half the family forces to reclaim him
4. Where does Ned confront Cersei about the secret Jon Arryn died for?
In a sept
In a prison cell
In a courtyard
In the throne room
5. "Such a sad mistake." What mistake does Cersei fault Ned with making?
Befriending Robert
Underestimating Jamie
Not claiming the throne himself when he had the chance
Coming south to King's Landing
6. Littlefinger goes on an on about his history with Catelyn while he is coaching:
Sansa about combing her hair
Two women about lovemaking
The Small Council about making money
Ned Stark about how to escape King's Landing
7. "What's that got to do with you? If your father's lord, how can you be lord too?" Who is busting Theon's chops about his....well, his Theon-ness:
Maester Luwin
8. Peering down off the top of the wall, Sam and Jon Snow see a riderless horse galloping toward the wall. Whose horse is this?
Tyrion Lannister
Benjen Stark
Jeor Mormont
Mance Rayder
9. King Robert is fatally wounded while on a hunt. What type of animal did the Baratheon ruler in?
A snake
A boar
A lion
A direwolf
10. I hereby command _______ - titles, titles - to serve as Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm upon my death, to rule in my stead until my son Joffrey comes of age.Who does Robert place in charge on his deathbed?
The Small Council
Eddard of House Stark
Renly of House Baratheon
Cercei of House Lannister
11. As he is dying, Robert repeals his death sentence on Daenerys. However, the events have already been sent in motion, and an attempt on Dany's life is carried out:
In a market
In her tent
In a grassy field
By a stream
12. The assassination attempt involves:
A sword
A snake
A knife
13. Before he foils the assassination attempt, Ser Jorah receives:
News that Robert has died
Disturbing news from the Wall
An offer to buy a fleet of ships
A pardon
14. It's Career Day for the newly sworn-in Night's Watch. Jon Snow is somewhat crestfallen when he is assigned to:
The Rangers
The Builders
The Stewards
The Stables
15. Jon and Sam take their vows:
On the top of the Wall
In front of a tree
Underneath the Wall
On the banks of a frozen river

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