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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E06: A Golden Crown
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1. Ned isn't exactly comforted when he wakes up from being stabbed in the leg, only to find this pair hovering over his bed:
Littlefinger and Varys
Cersei and Robert
Jamie and Ser Ilyn Payne
Arya and Sansa
2. Robert is basically willing to give Jamie Lannister a pass on stabbing Ned, because:
Robert doesn't want to upset Cersei
Robert isn't exactly fond of Ned at the time
Robert doesn't want to endanger Catelyn
Of the money the kingdom owes to the Lannisters
3. A major event later in the season is foretold when Daenerys survives this potential harm:
Falling off a horse
Being poisoned
Being stabbed by an assassin
Being burned by a hot dragon egg
4. We meet wilding woman Osha, who has considerable impact in future seasons, as Brandon Stark is set upon while he is out:
Chasing a three-eyed raven
Bathing in a creek
Practicing archery
5. What part of a horse does Daenerys have to eat - and keep down - to prove her worth to the Dothraki?
The haunches
The heart
The brain
The testicles
6. Viserys realizes he has lost the khalasar to Dany when the Dothraki celebrate as Daenerys prophesies:
The horde will conquer the Seven Kingdoms
She will have a son
She will kill Viserys
She will become a Dothraki goddess
7. Increasingly pouty Viserys attempts to make off with the dragon eggs, only to be thwarted by:
Ser Jorah
Khal Drogo
Daenerys's handmaiden
8. Meanwhile, at the Vale, young brat Robin Arryn reaallly wants to see the bad man fly. This would mean that Tyrion would exit through this door carved into the floor:
9. Syrio Florel, to Arya:"There is only one god, and his name is _________."
10. When he demands trial by combat, Tyrion attempts to stall for time when he names this man to be his champion:
Jamie Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Ned Stark
11. There's nothing like a couple of guys, out in the woods, hunting some game.....especially when it turns out to be the last thing you'll ever do as King. Each of the following accompanies Robert on the hunt, except for:
Lancel Lannister
Loras Tyrell
Ser Barristan Selmy
12. Brigandry! Ned further propels the kingdom towards war when he issues a warrant for this scoundrel, who has turned to killing and pillaging throughout the countryside:
The Hound
The Mountain
Jamie Lannister
Ser Ilyn Payne
13. Finally getting around to leafing through that dusty old book of kings and lineages, Ned finds a clue that Joffrey is not, in fact, a true Barratheon, based on the boy's:
Eye color
Hair color
14. So, it comes time to say goodbye to Viserys. What does Khal Drogo melt down to make the golden crown?
A sword
A cup
A belt
15. Complete Daenery's cold epitaph for her brother: "He was no dragon. _________ cannot kill a dragon."

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