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How Well Do You Know: The Bourne Ultimatum
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1. Where does the movie begin?
Athens, Greece
Heathrow Airport (London, England)
Langley, Virginia
Moscow, Russia
2. Jason Bourne delivers a message in Paris. What is it?
Agent Pamela Landy is told to stay away from him.
Dr. Albert Hirsch is informed that Bourne remembers everything.
Martin is notified that his sister Marie was shot to death.
Simon Ross is told to investigate Operation Blackbriar.
3. For what newspaper does Simon Ross work?
The Guardian
The London Times
The Washington Post
UK Today
4. Why does Ross deviate from Bourne's instructions at Waterloo Station?
He determines Bourne is trying to kill him.
He hails a cab, thinking leaving the station will make him safe once more.
He mistakes a garbageman for one of the people trying to kill him.
His boss informs him that police protection is coming.
5. How is Simon Ross killed?
An agent fatally drugs him.
He falls into an oncoming train.
He is sniped with a head shot.
He is stabbed in plain sight.
6. Who is Ross' source?
Jack Boulin
Tom Brewster
Neal Daniels
Pamela Landy
7. Who tips off Bourne as to the location of Daniels in Tangier?
8. Which Blackbriar agent is dispatched to eliminate Daniels?
The Reverend
9. Pamela Landy bristles when Noah Vosen relays orders to have who killed?
Jason Bourne
Neal Daniels
Simon Ross
10. What is Desh's method of choice in killing people?
Bladed weapons
Dual pistolsB
His own hands
11. How many agents does Bourne disable at Waterloo Station?
12. How many agents does Bourne disable in Tangier?
13. How does Bourne kill Desh?
Blows him up.
He doesn't. Desh kills himself.
Shoots him through the ear.
Strangles him with a towel.
14. Nicky mirrors Marie in The Bourne Identity when she is forced to do what?
Drive him around in exchange for money.
Dye and cut her hair.
Infiltrate a hotel lobby to use their fax machine.
Well, forced is a bit of a stretch, but they certainly...well, you know.
15. How does Bourne get a message to Landy?
Cell phone morse code
He uses VOIP to call her.
He uses a passport identity Landy could identify.
Smoke signals to a government camera
16. Landy tells Bourne he was born on 4/15/71. What is she actually telling him with this message?
His birthday, duh.
She wants him to go to 415 East 71st Street.
This is the number of agents on each floor of the building.
To take I-4 to I-15 to I-71 in order to meet her off the grid.
17. What lures Vosen out of his office?
Bourne sets off the emergency alarm at the building.
He can't contact a Blackbriar agent to terminate Bourne while he is inside the building.
Landy goes outside and they hope to follow her to Tudor City.
The local strip club has a two for one special on lapdances at lunch.
18. "I'm sitting in my office." "I doubt that." "And why would you doubt that?"
"Because I can see you in your car from where I'm standing."
"If you were in your office right now, we'd be having this conversation face to face."
"Men like you don't have the guts to look people in the eye."
"Your office is on an entirely different continent."
19. What does Bourne do in Vosen's office?
Grabs his gun.
Sets off the security alarm for the building.
Takes everything from his locked cabinet.
Poops on his desk.
20. How does Bourne escape the Langley parking lot?
He drives under the blockade intended to stop him.
He drives off the roof. In reverse.
He points a gun at a secretary as she is going on lunch break.
He parachutes off the roof.
21. Who meets Bourne at the front door of the Blackbriar facility?
Dr. Albert Hirsch
Noah Vosen
Pam Landry
22. What is the last thing Landy says to Vosen?
"Aren't fax machines amazing?"
"The public trusted you and you betrayed them."
"You better get yourself a good lawyer."
"And I faked all my orgasms."
23. Why did Dr. Hirsch pick Jason Bourne?
He reminded Hirsch of his son.
He was luckier than the others.
He was meaner than the others.
He didn't pick Bourne as much as Bourne volunteered.
24. Why doesn't Bourne shoot Dr. Hirsch?
He cannot pull the trigger due to a fail-safe placed in his head.
Hirsch doesn't deserve the star they would give him at Langley.
Hirsch shoots himself before Bourne can.
Jason Bourne might kill people but David Webb does not.
25. Bourne tells Paz, ""Look at us. Look at what they make you give." Who first said this?
Alexander Conklin
Neski's Daughter
The Professor
Ward Abbott

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