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How Well Do You Know: Olympus Has Fallen
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1. As the film begins, we see Agent Mike Banning and President Benjamin Asher engaging in this manly pursuit:
Throwing a football
Playing basketball
Splitting firewood
2. The accident at the beginning of the movie claimed the life of the President's:
Wife and son
Son and daughter
Wife, son and daughter
3. ....and said accident took place:
On an airfield
In a tunnel
On a crowded highway
On a bridge
4. When we see Banning months later, he works at the Treasury Department, as he no longer works with the Presidential Detail:
At his own request
At the President's request
At the insistence of his immediate supervisor
At the insistence of a psychologist
5. Morgan Freeman plays Allan Trumbull, the highest-ranking figure not in the bunker after the attack. What position does he hold?
Secretary of State
Secretary of Defense
Speaker of the House
Vice President
6. The delegation that visits the White House on the day of the attack is from _________, while the villains in the film support ________:
China / North Korea
Vietnam / China
Russia / Georgia
South Korea / North Korea
7. The first shots in the attack come from:
A plane
A tank
Inside the White House
8. This Washington, DC landmark is heavily damaged during the attack:
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
The Capitol building
The Jefferson Memorial
9. The gates of the White House are breached by explosives carried:
In civilian cars
In backpacks
On city buses
In an ambulance
10. The invading force use this type of vehicle from which to fire weapons:
Fire trucks
Police cars
Garbage trucks
11. Kang and his forces are very interested in the codes for a defense system located in the bunker...a system that this mythological name:
12. We hope you answered Cerebus to the previous question, as that is what the system is called. But what is its purpose?
To launch nuclear missiles
To destroy nuclear missiles
To release nerve gas
To recall US troops
13. Kang and his party are concerned with the whereabouts of this person, who is not accounted for in the bunker:
The President's son
The Vice President
The South Korean ambassador
The Secretary of State
14. Demands? Oh yes, Kang has a few. In addition to withdrawing troops from near the DMZ, Kang would like for the Americans to:
Recall a fleet
Ground surveillance planes an bombers
Destroy a satellite
Disarm their nuclear weapons
15. As Banning fights off the North Koreans in the White House, he uses a bust of this US President to most decidedly crush the skull of one of the invaders:
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Teddy Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan
16. Banning eventually finds the President's son Connor. So, where was the kid hiding anyway?
In a cellar
In a closet in his room
In a laundry chute
In the walls
17. Connor is evacuated through:
A chimney
A sewer
A window
A tunnel
18. The traitorous Dave Forbes almost gets the drop on Banning, but trips up when he mentions:
Which of the cabinet members are dead
The North Korean code name for the attack
Kang's name
That he knows Connor is now safe
19. Before Banning executes Forbes, Banning forces Forbes to:
Tell him the access code for entering the bunker
Tell Kang Banning is dead
Tell him how Kang and the terrorists are planning to escape
Relay a code word intended for the President over the radio
20. A strike force attempts to take the White House via ___________, with disastrous results:
Below-ground tunnels
The roof
An unguarded side entrance
The front door
21. Immediately after the failed attack on the roof, Kang executes:
A translator
The Secretary of State
The Secretary of Defense
The Vice President
22. The President and the other hostages are led out of the White House:
In pairs
Wearing Guy Fawkes masks
Wearing hoods
Walking backwards
23. Kang and the President both appear to die when:
The South Lawn of the White House explodes
A helicopter explodes
A plane is shot down
The part of the White House that still stands explodes
24. With respects to Kang's orders for the US military withdrawals, Trumbull:
Orders them carried out
Prepares an elaborate bluff to make Kang think they were carried out
Never actually received them
Unilaterally refuses to carry them out
25. Banning catches and finishes off Kang as he attempts to escape:
In a helicopter
By posing as a news cameraman
Through tunnels
Through a subway

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