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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E05 : The Wolf and the Lion
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1. There's a problem with King Robert's armor. You see:
It's missing
He's too fat for it
It's marked with the Lannister lion. Oops
It's rusty to the point of breaking
2. Let's joust! The Mountain rides in a contest against this fellow:
The Hound
Loras Tyrell
Lancel Lannister
3. The joust does not go well for The Mountain, as he is unseated. It also does not go well for this entity, who is beheaded soon after:
Ser Loras's horse
The Mountain's squire
The tournament official
The Mountain's horse
4. Who steps in just in the nick of time to The Mountain from killing the victorious Loras?
Ned Stark
The Hound
Renly Baratheon
King Robert
5. Out on the road, Catelyn and her party, including the captured Tyrion, are set upon by:
Lannister bannermen
White Walkers
Raiders loyal to the Greyjoys
6. During lessons with Maester Luwin, Bran sulks that:
He is not yet the master of Winterfell
He has not yet made his first kill
His younger son Rickon makes fun of his disability
His mother left him
7. The wench Ros mocks this man, saying that he comes up short when compared to the lovemaking skill of Tyrion:
Robb Stark
Theon Greyjoy
Jon Snow
8. The queen is not the only one who has been watching you closely. There are few men of honor in the capital. You are one of them. I would like to believe that I am another, strange as that may seem... Who in the capital imparts the vague warning to Ned?
Renly Baratheon
Grand Maester Pycell
9. We learn more about the death of Jon Arryn, as Ned is told that the previous Hand was done in by a poison called "The Tears of ________":
The Vale
The Lion
10. Who overhears Varys and Magister Illyrio Mopatis forecasting an imminent war?
11. Small Council has a tumultuous meeting with King Robert, during which this hot topic is discussed:
The Nights Watch is threatening to leave the wall
Daenerys is pregnant
The kingdom is bankrupt
Robert wants to make an alliance with House Tyrell
12. When Ned learns that Robert is intent on killing Daenerys, his response is to:
Improvise a plan on how to carry out the assassination
Acknowledge begrudgingly it must be done
Persuade Robert to spare Daenerys
Quit his position as Hand
13. Catelyn arrives at The Vale, and we meet here whackadoodle sister Lysa. See, the odd thing is that:
She eats a plate of raw animal entrails
She breastfeeds her grown son in front of her visitors
She is pulling feathers off a live crow
She is flaying a man in the throne room
14. During what has to be the longest conversation in the series between Cersei and Robert, we learn this about the couple:
They never consummated the marriage
They lost their first-born son
They are planning a trip across the narrow sea
They both wanted Jon Arryn dead
15. From where does Ned emerge before before Jamie and his men attack?
The throne room
Littlefinger's brothel
An armory
The Small Council chambers

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