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How Well Do You Know: See No Evil, Hear No Evil
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1. At the beginning of the film, we see Wally has spent all his money on what?
Lottery tickets
Horse races
Slot machines
Dog track races
2. What kind of shop does David own?
A news stand
A souvenir shop
A drug store
A coffee shop
3. Besides David, Wally has a constant companion that help him out. Who is it?
His niece
His brother
His cousin
His sister
4. Wally insists that David meet a good friend of his at a bar. Who does Wally want David to meet?
Tom Collins
Jose Cuervo
Harvey Wallbanger
Jack Daniels
5. Every time Wally wants to punch a man, Dave gives him directions on where to swing based on what?
Left or right
Latitude and longitude
Square feet
6. Wally has the perfect solution for all of David's problems. What does Wally dump on David's head, to supposedly make him feel better?
Maple syrup
A beer
Ice cream
7. David completely misses the murder at his news stand. What is David busy doing?
Watching tv
Reading medicine labels
Sweeping the floors
Stocking cough syrup bottles
8. Wally doesn't see the murderer, but can identify her perfume. David only gets a good look at what on the woman?
Her hair
Her butt
Her legs
Her boobs
9. Dave misunderstands a legal term and thinks instead it's a deadly disease. What does Dave think their dying from?
Mens rea
10. What are the two bad guys looking for?
A brief case
A key
A gold coin
A jewel
11. In a hilarious scene, a police woman screams her frustration at Dave at his inability to do what?
Stand still in a line up
Give his finger prints
Give his statement
Take a mug shot
12. What do Wally and Dave do to the police officers, that are holding them in custody in order to make their escape?
Put a bag over their heads
Put a mop bucket over their heads
Spit water in their face
Pour milk over their heads
13. Dave makes the mistake of letting Wally drive literally blind. Fill in the blank to Dave's statement to Wally. "We're in a warehouse and you just hit a _______, I think you better back up!"
14. Wally continuing his blind driving rampage, runs Dave and him straight into a _____.
Garbage barge
Sand dune
15. Wally and Dave sneak into a expensive hotel, pretending to be what?
16. Wally pretends to be the Swedish doctor, Conrad Joh Annson. What is his medical expertise?
17. Wally and Dave are warned by a man about the dangers of the house with a thousand windows. What is their biggest concern?
Armed guards
The security alarm
Killer dogs
A electric fence
18. What is Dave's fool proof plan to distract the dogs from attacking him?
Peanut butter
Sleeping pills
Hot dogs
A female dog
19. In a surprise turn of events, we learn the "bad guy" crime boss is faced with what debilitating affliction?
His wheel chair bound
He's blind
He's a amputee
He's deaf
20. In the final chase scene, what mode of transportation do Dave and Wally use to catch the bad lady?
Tandem bicycle
Speed boat
Zip line

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