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How Well Do You Know: West Side Story
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1. In a beautiful opening monologue during which no speaks - there's just a lot of snapping and dancing - one of the Jets is attacked. Which one is it?
Baby John
Snow Boy
2. Lieutenant Schrank says, "Boy, as if this neighbor hood wasn't crummy enough already." He tells the Sharks to leave and never come back to this place. What is it?
The city park
A soda shop
The playground
The dance hall
3. Where are the Sharks from?
Puerto Rico
4. What is the name of the tomboy that just wants to be a Jet?
Buddy Boy
5. Baby John seems to be the only level-headed one in the whole gang. He says, "Lets just forget the whole thing." What is his biggest concern about the rumble?
Going to jail
Somebody getting hurt
Zip guns
6. Riff plans to challenge Bernardo to a rumble on neutral territory. Where does he ask him to fight?
At Doc's candy store
At a dance
On a street that divides both neighborhoods
At the playground
7. Tony wants to drop out of his gang (as if you can do that....). Instead he decides to take a job as:
A delivery boy
A bus boy
As assistant
A window washer
8. What do we discover about Riff and Tony from their conversation in the ally?
They are cousins
They are next door neighbors
They live together
They are step-brothers
9. What is Maria's issue with the dress Anita made for her?
She wants a pink dress
She wants the hemline to be shorter
She wants it strapless
She wants the neck line to be shorter
10. What is the name of the dance coordinator?
Clover Fields
Glad Hand
Sun Flower
White Comb
11. Okay, here's a easy one: What is the most beautiful sound Tony's ever heard? The one if you say it loud there's music playing, but if you say it soft than it's almost like praying?
12. Bernardo brought Maria to America to marry whom?
13. In the song America, one of the Shark's girlfriends brags about some of the privileges she has in America. What appliance is she most proud of that's she's acquired?
A stove
A toaster
A dish washer
A washing machine
14. Bernardo always tries to remind Anita that she's Spanish. What does Bernardo loves to tease Anita about?
Her large number of brothers and sisters
Her long Spanish name
Her accent
Her clothes
15. Tony and Maria profess their love for one another, and sing about it where?
On the roof top
In her bedroom
On a fire escape
In the ally
16. Tony meets both gangs at Doc's store, and tries to get them to agree to what?
Only the leaders of each gang fight
Have only the best man from each gang fight
To forget about the fight all together
A all out rumble but with no weapons
17. Where does Maria work at?
A restaurant
A flower shop
A shoe store
A bridal shop
18. Where do the Jets and Sharks agree to meet for the rumble?
Under the highway
In a parking garage
Down by the river
In the park
19. Maria sends Tony to the rumble to do what?
To make sure it stays a fair fight
Stop it completely
To help out Bernardo if he should get into trouble
Make sure Bernardo doesn't get hurt
20. Bernardo is upset that he isn't fighting Tony at the rumble. Who is Bernardo supposed to fight?
21. Why does Tony kill Bernardo?
Because he threatened to never let him see Maria again
It was a accident, Bernardo fell into the knife
Because Bernardo came at him with a knife
Because Bernardo killed Riff
22. After the death of Riff, Ice sings a song telling the other Jets to " _______, boy."
Fight back
Be cool
Get revenge
Go crazy
23. What message does Anita give to the Jets?
That Chino killed Maria
That Maria is marrying Chino
That Chino plans to kill Tony
That Tony and Maria plan on running away together
24. Who tries but fails to warn Tony about Chino's murderous plans?
Baby John
25. What does Maria blame for the death of Tony, Riff and Bernardo?

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