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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E04: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
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1. Sign of Things to Come Alert: As the episode opens, Bran dreams of seeing this animal in the Winterfell courtyard:
A direwolf
A dragon
A kraken
A raven
2. The raven in Bran's dream is somewhat odd, in that:
It has three eyes
It is white
It is mute
It has two heads
3. On his way back south from the Wall, Tyrion stops by Winterfell and presents Bran this gift:
An ornate clock
A set of maps and cartography tools
Designs for a saddle that will allow him to ride
A history of elders of Westeros
4. At the Wall, we are introduced to the redoubtable Sam of this house:
5. We learn from Ser Jorah that a major problem in Viserys' plan to use the Dothraki to conquer Westeros is:
The Dothraki are a mid-mannered, peace-loving people
The Dothraki don't want to cross the sea
They have already pledged loyalty to the Lannisters
The Dothraki will not follow anyone with blonde hair
6. Ser Jorah did something very, very bad a while ago that earned him a banishment from Ned Stark. What was it?
He sold slaves
He killed Ned's brother
He failed in his sworn duty to protect the king
He betrayed Stark secrets to the Lannisters
7. Viserys enjoys some bathtime fun with a naked woman who seems primarily interested in:
Becoming Viserys' queen
Ruling the Dothraki
Golden trinkets
8. Grand Maester Pycell tells Ned that the night before Jon Arryn died, he came a-calling on the Grand Maester inquiring about:
A sword
A potion
A raven
A book
9. Pycell also tells Ned that on the day that he died, Jon Arryn repeated this phrase:
"Find the smith's assistant"
"The seed is strong"
"Fair hair means a cold heart"
"Winter is coming"
10. Arya quotes Syrio Forel that every swordsman should study these animals, as: "They're as quiet as shadows and as light as feathers. You have to be quick to catch them."
11. Sam confides to Jon that he was compelled to join the Night's Watch at the behest of:
His father
His wife
His mother
A local magistrate
12. As he strolls through a courtyard with Ned, Littlefinger points out:
Children suspected of being offspring of Cersei and Jamie
Women widowed by The Mountain
Various spies for different parties
Poisonous flowers
13. Littlefinger tells Ned that Jon Arryn was seen visiting a certain ___________ in King's Landing several times in the weeks before his death:
14. There is a tournament in the episode, and we see this figure joust an opponent to death in fairly gruesome fashion:
The Hound
The Mountain
15. Tightening the belt on her Bad Ideas Jeans a notch or two, Catelyn basically starts a war and sends thousands of Westerosi to their death when she orders Tyrion arrested at the end of the episode. Where does this take place?
On a bridge
In the middle of a town commons
In an inn
In a sept

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