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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E03: Lord Snow
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1. Ned Stark arrives in Kings Landing, but hasn't even dismounted from his horse before he is told that __________ has called a meeting of the Small Council, and Ned is to attend:
King Robert
Cersei Lannister
Jamie Lannister
Grand Maester Pycell
2. But before he can meet up with the Small Council, Ned comes across this person sitting in the Throne Room (pleasantries are exchanged):
Jamie Lannister
Tyrion Lannister
Catelyn Stark
3. Jamie reminds Ned of something unpleasant that happened in the Throne Room. What was it?
Ned's oldest son was killed
Ned's father and brother were killed
Ned was physically forced to bend the knee to the Mad King Targaryen
He witnessed Cat and Littlefinger making out
4. Which of the following is not on the Small Council when Ned first encounters it?
Stannis Baratheon
Renly Baratheon
5. Ned is alarmed to learn that the crown's finances aren't exactly peachy. To which house does the crown owe millions?
6. "Everyone who isn't us an an enemy" Who says this, showing a somewhat less than trusting nature?
Jon Snow
7. When Catelyn first arrives to King's Landing, she is immediately summoned to this type of establishment:
8. There's only one dagger like this in all of the Seven Kingdoms. It's mine. When Catelyn produces the dagger used by the assassin who targeted Bran, who is acknowledged as its original owner?
Grand Maester Pycell
Jamie Lannister
9. Littlefinger explains that he lost the dagger in question to Tyrion by betting on:
A fight between The Mountain and The Hound
A jousting match
Whether Arya could beat Joffrey at swordplay
Whether a septa could be corrupted
10. After Jon Snow easily bests his fellow new Night's Watch recruits in training, the lads set upon him indoors. Who strolls by to save Jon from a beating?
Lord Monmont
Tyrion Lannister
Benjen Stark
Sam Tarley
11. King Robert and Ser Barristan Selmy remember old times, before asking Jamie to join them. What are they reminiscing about?
Their first kill
The first time they saw the Iron Throne
The first time they made love to a woman
The first time they got it on with Cersei
12. Jon ascends to the top of the wall and looks out at the world. Who does he meet up there and discuss the fellow's imminent venturing Beyond the Wall?
Lord Monmont
Benjen Stark
13. Daenerys comes to a startling realization in the episode - one that will have major importance on the events of the season. You see,
She loves Ser Jorah
She is pregnant
She sees all of Westeros burning in a dream
She doesn't really like horses
14. What is Tyrion's attitude concerning White Walkers?
He is deathly afraid of them
He anticipates they will one day obliterate all of Westeros
He doubts they exist
He can draw them in detail even though he has never seen one
15. At the end of the episode, we meet Arya's very entertaining swordplay tutor Syrio Florel, who hails from:

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