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How Well Do You Know: Falling Skies, Season 3 Recap
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1. "On Thin Ice:" The first image of the season is of harnessed young peoples working:
At a mine
In a field
In a weapons facility
In an alien ship
2. "On Thin Ice:" As Arthur Manchester is getting himself assassinated, the Masons pass the time waiting for Anne to deliver by playing this board game:
3. "Collateral Damage:" A planned assault on a mech power plant involves staging an attack:
Across a bridge
Through the air
Down a cliff
From a lake
4. "Collateral Damage:" The mousey Dr. Kadar is reluctant to accompany the strike force to destroy the plant because:
He doesn't trust Tom
He doesn't trust the Volm
He doesn't venture above ground
He doesn't believe in violence
5. "Badlands": A _________ through the head spells doom for Crazy Lee:
Piece of rebar
Round of ammunition
Long shard of glass
6. "Badlands": Tom dubs the metal tree constructed by Jeanne Weaver and others the:
Lost Tree
Love Tree
Living Tree
Liberty Tree
7. "At All Costs:" What is the code name for the site Tom and the others travel to to meet President Hathaway?
Red Station
Rusty Knife
Base Bridge
8. "At All Costs": ...and President Hathaway's code name is:
Potato Chip
Big Dog
9. "At All Costs:" Anne attempts to flee Charleston with Alexis after:
Knocking out Dr. Kadar and drugging Lourdes
Drugging Lourdes and knocking out Weaver
Knocking out Maggie and drugging Lourdes
Drugging Dr. Kadar and knocking out Maggie
10. "Search and Recover": During the "Pope and Tom Lost in the Woods Def Comedy Jam," we learn that Pope does not know:
How to ride a horse
What his actual birth name is
How to read
How to make a fire
11. "Search and Recover": This type of animal causes a brief fight in the woods between Tom and Pope:
A snake
A frog
A goat
A squirrel
12. "Be Silent and Come Out": Who is present when Hal abducts Tom at gunpoint?
Marina Peralta
13. "Be Silent and Come Out": A small party makes its way into the building where Hal holds Tom. Who is not part of it?
14. "Be Silent and Come Out": Tom starts to break Hal down by reminding him of his mother, who thought Hal would grow up to be a:
Baseball player
15. "The Pickett Line": President Hathaway arrives into Charleston:
On a humvee
Being carried
On a horse
In a pickup driven by Pope
16. "The Pickett Line": Pope is none too pleased when Peralta orders Popetown to be relocated to be moved to make room for:
An internment compound for skitters
Medical facilities
A new construction site for the new Volm weapon
17. "The Pickett Line": A blast through __________ of the room President Hathaway recuperates in means 1) it's the end of President Hathaway and 2) Lourdes is the mole:
The ceiling
The floor
A wall
A window
18. "The Pickett Line": After she kills Hathaway, we see Lourdes absorb a face full o' eyeworms as she:
Washes her hands
Stares into the night sky
Prays in a chapel
19. "Strange Brew": When Tom "wakes up" back in Boston, he finds himself in bed next to his wife, with this holiday approaching:
Fourth of July
20. "Strange Brew": Weaver appears in Tom's dream as a homeless man, holding up a sign reading:
The End is Near
You Must Wake Up
Find Anne
Trust No One
21. "Strange Brew": Several times in Tom's dream, four cities are named. One is Boston. Three of the following complete the list, except for:
New York
22. "Journey to Xibalba": Of the main characters, the first to spot Tom on his return to Charleston is:
23. "Journey to Xibalba": The bomb Lourdes plants that destroys the building which houses the hospital glows this color:
24. "Brazil": While Weaver and his decoy force travel to Chicago by __________, Tom accompanies the Volm weapon to Boston __________:
Boat / cargo plane
Train / boat
Horseback / train
Cargo plane / boat
25. "Brazil": Who suggests that Lourdes, the head-bugs clearly not agreeing with her, might have to be put out of her misery?

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