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How Well Do You Know: Ocean's 13
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Ocean's 13 quiz

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I really am addicted lol
autumnpixiedust 5/21/11 2:34 pm


1. What store is being robbed at the start of the movie?
Best Buy
KB Toys
2. What is Rusty's ringtone?
Baby Got Back
Da Butt
Don't You Want Me Baby
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
3. One of Ocean's crew spends the body of the movie in a hospital bed. Who is the wounded member of the group?
4. "What are you going to do, throw me off the roof?"
"Actually, police will say you jumped."
"It depends on how quickly you sign these papers."
"No, that would leave a bloodstain in my new parking lot."
"Well, I don't want to."
5. Danny and Rusty call in an expert to help them evaluate their revenge plan. What actor portrays this character, Roman Nagel?
Alan Alda
Eddie Izzard
Bob Newhart
Rob Reiner
6. The plan involves rigging all of the following casino games except:
Texas Holdem
7. As part of the con, Virgil is sent to a Mexican dice-making company. Things go wrong, because Virgil...
gets promoted to manager and increases security at the factory.
leads the factory workers on a strike.
promises his co-workers he will stop them from getting fired.
starts dating the owner's daughter.
8. The reviewer for Five Diamond Awards, as played by David Paymer, experiences several inconveniences during his stay at the hotel. Which of these is not one of them?
Ants infest his bed.
Odors are piped into his vents.
People keep calling asking for a hooker named Pixley.
Restaurant seating is denied to him despite tables being open.
9. Rusty, wearing a marvelous mustached hippy disguise, warns Willy Bank about a potential issue with his casino. What is it?
An earthquake could wipe out everyone on the floor.
Poker tables do not make enough money.
Sports books are susceptible to satellite delay-based betting.
The Greco System can be hacked.
10. The group finds itself needing to spend $36 million to buy something when they only have $10 million available in capital. How do they come up with the rest?
Another heist is pulled involving the crown jewels of Belgium.
Another heist is pulled involved three Picasso paintings.
Terry Benedict finances the rest of the operation.
Willy Bank's off-shore accounts are pilfered.
11. Each time one of Bank's hotels wins the prestigious Five Diamond Award, how does he celebrate?
He buys a new luxury car.
He buys his wife a $50 million diamond necklace.
Two words: lap dance.
He spends a week in the Carribbean with a hooker named Binky.
12. One of Ocean's gang is required to play a casino whale during the heist. Who is it?
The Amazing Yen
Frank Catton
Linus Caldwell
Saul Bloom
13. What television show makes Danny Ocean cry and Rusty sniffle?
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Happy Days
Night Calls
Oprah Winfrey Show
14. A man born with the name of Bob Einstein portrays Rusty's father in the movie. You would know him better as...
Albert Brooks
George Peppard
Rob Reiner
Super Dave Osborne
15. Those striking Mexican workers we discussed much are they holding out to get?
$3.50 more a week
$36,000 a piece
$1.3 million
$7 million
16. Why does the security guard need Rusty to man his station for a half hour?
He just got tipped on a sure thing horse race.
His son bit the lunch lady again.
His wife is in her fertile period.
His wife just met his mistress.
17. Abigail Sponder has a fetish. What is it?
Younger men
18. After Rusty and Danny utilize his expertise, Roman is later asked for help by which character, who requests they not be informed?
Basher Tarr
Frank Catton
Livingston Dell
Turk Malloy
19. What deal does Bank cut with Danny Ocean on opening night of The Bank?
If Ocean leaves right now, he won't be killed.
Ocean gets 20% of the take if his whales gamble at The Bank.
Ocean is guaranteed to be taken off of every blacklist if he stays off the property tonight.
Tess Ocean won't get her pretty face messed up if Danny acts like a good boy for the night.
20. Another member of Ocean's crew arrives and plays all of the seats at a casino table on opening night at The Bank. Who is it?
21. What did Chuck Berry say every night before counting "1...2...3...4..."?
"That joke kills...just like me."
"I love my life!"
"Pay me my money!"
"Suckers get gonged. Is our next contestant a sucker?"
22. Everyone's favorite cougar, Abigail Sponder, gives her boss, Mr. Bank, a present. What is it?
A rare cell phone
A frame for his Picasso
A good luck charm in the shape of a Buddha
Let's just say she needs mouthwash afterward.
23. The winning streak that bankrupts the casino takes how long?
Approximately 1 minute
Approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds
Approximately 3 minutes and 50 seconds
24. Who points a gun at Linus on the roof of The Bank?
Agent Caldwell
The Night Fox
25. The real reviewer for the Five Diamond Award, the self-professed V.U.P. aka Very Unimportant Person, has a serendipitous reversal of fortune at the end of the movie. What happens to him?
He is comped to first class on his plane ticket.
His slot machine pays off to the tune of eleven million dollars.
A lady who looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson asks him out.
Someone drops a horse race ticket for a winning exacta.

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