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How Well Do You Know: Joy Ride
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1. What is the reason behind Lewis's road trip across country?
He couldn't afford multiple plane tickets
He was looking for a adventure
A girl he likes wanted to take one
Just a vacation
2. Where does Lewis have to pick his brother up from?
The hospital
A ex-girl friend's house
3. What handle does Fuller give Lewis?
Twinkle Toes
Pussy Whipped
Pansy Ass
Mama's Boy
4. Fuller harasses Lewis to do a girl's voice on the CB radio. What is the handle of the girl Lewis is pretending to be?
Candy Cane
Cherry Pie
5. What is the name of the trucker Fuller and Lewis start messing with?
Rusty Nail
Dull Blade
Jagged Edge
Metal Splinter
6. When Fuller and Lewis play their prank on Rusty Nail, what item do they tell him to bring to the hotel?
Strawberry wine
Peach flavored lube
Pink champagne
Fuzzy handcuffs
7. What does Rusty Nail do to the man he found in the hotel room?
Rip out his tongue
Run him over, crushing his bones and organs
Crush his skull, caving in his face
Tear off his jaw
8. Rusty Nail scares Fuller when he says to him, "you really ought to get that fixed." What is Rusty Nail referring to?
Their brake light
Their tail light
A cracked window
Their head light
9. Lewis and Fuller are freaked out by a man following them from the gas station. What is the man trying to give them back?
Lewis's wallet
Lewis's drivers licence
Lewis's credit card
A map Lewis purchased and forgot to take
10. The man in the ice truck apologize for scaring Lewis and Fuller. He asks them, "Were you afraid of my ____?"
Big rig
Tire thumper
Long hair
11. After a frightening long drive, Fuller and Lewis finally reach Venna in _____.
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Salt Lake City, Utah
Boulder, Colorado
12. Fuller save Lewis from getting into a bar fight by doing what?
Making the other guys laugh, making jokes about Lewis
Buying the other guys a round of Wild Turkey shots
Calling Venna a bitch, and dragging her out of there
Threatening to jump in, saying he's already been to jail this week
13. Venna tells the boys, "I'm not going anywhere 'til somebody tells me why I should be afraid of a _____."
Semi truck
A guy's voice
14. Who does Rusty Nail kidnap?
A female clerk at a gas station
Venna's roommate
Venna's sister
Fuller and Lewis's mom
15. Rusty Nail tells Fuller and Lewis to go inside a restaurant naked and do what?
Sing Mary Had a Little Lamb loudly
Do ten jumping jacks
Order six cheeseburgers a piece
Ask if they have foot-long hot dogs
16. Lewis, Fuller and Venna play a terrifying game, of hide and go seek with Rusty Nail barreling towards them where?
In a hay field
In a abandoned barn
In a empty parking lot
In a corn field
17. Rusty Nail tells Fuller and Lewis, to meet him in the next town. Only one problem, he has done what to Lewis's car?
Pushed it into a swamp
Set it on fire
Pushed it off a cliff
Smashed into it
18. In a crazy, suspenseful moment, we see that Rusty Nail has rigged the hotel door. What will happen to Venna if somebody attempts to open the door?
A shotgun will shoot her
Acid will drop on top of her
She will be hanged by a noose
A axe will come down on her
19. Rusty Nail incapacitates Fuller by doing what to him?
Pushing a metal bar threw his shoulder
Stabbing him in the stomach
Pushing a pipe through his leg
Hitting him in the head, thus knocking him out
20. Ha ha, psyched you out!! Rusty Nail's not dead, he killed the ____ and planted his body as though he was the killer.
Manager at the restaurant
Ice truck driver
Guy from the bar
Motel clerk
21. BONUS QUESTION!!! Actor Ted Levine supplied the voice for Rusty Nail in Joy Ride. What other famous horror film does Levine act in, scary voice and all?
Saw as the Jigsaw Killer
Terminator 2 as T-1000
Nightmare on Elm Street as Freddy Kruger
Silence of the Lambs as Buffalo Bill

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