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How Well Do You Know: The Newsroom, S02E01: First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers
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1. Who is Will McAvoy engaging in conversation at the start of season two?
Charlie Skinner, everyone's favorite elderly drunk
His lawyer, new character Rebecca Halliday
MacKenzie McHale. Duh.
Sloan Sabbith, just in case things don't work out with MacKenzie
By way of explanation.....
AWM has to lawyer up for reasons yet to be revealed.
2. What was the first domino to fall as punishment for calling the Tea Party the American Taliban?
Jim headed to New Hampshire
Maggie went to Africa
The President of AWM got kicked out of the Capitol Building.
Tons of advertisers ended their support
By way of explanation.....
Why do bad things happen to entitled, law breaking douches?
3. What's the name of the black op that gets everyone at AWM in trouble?
4. What is Leona Lansing (you know, Jane Fonda) thinking right now?
Chips are falling!
Reese only broke the law twice. That's not so bad.
They need the American Taliban!
Barbarella has not withstood the test of time.
By way of explanation.....
Chips Are Falling would have been a good name for Salsaritas. Also, I will fight anyone to the death who argues that Barbarella has not withstood the test of time.
5. Reporter Ryan is trying to enjoy dinner with the kids at Benihana. What does one of the employees of AWM ask him to do?
Avoid the sushi
Jump out the window into a pool below; he breaks his ankle trying.
Recite the dialogue from his Strauss-Kahn piece, only with a few key words changed.
Take down the YouTube clip of Maggie
By way of explanation.....
They blew the fact check on the Strauss-Kahn piece and had to adjust on the fly while Will McAvoy sang Rebecca Black lyrics, blissfully unaware of the turmoil.
6. Intern Jenna Johnson looks familiar. How does Charlie know her?
She is the sorority girl who asked Will, "Why is America the greatest country in the world?"
She was Miss Rochester
They are both in Sloan Sabbith's fantasy football league
They get drunk at the same bar
By way of explanation.....
Will makes the interns learn musical theater history. If that is his answer for why America is the greatest country, he is woefully off point.
7. Will gets his heart ripped out in this episode. What decision causes his pain?
MacKenzie has gotten back together with Paul
MacKenzie is dating a cast member of Saturday Night Live
Will is being suspended for a month for his American Taliban comments
Will is taken off the News Night coverage of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
By way of explanation.....
Don't worry, Will. Van Morrison will make everything better.
8. That happened fast. Which person is now covering the Mitt Romney campaign?
Jim Harper
Maggie Jordan
Neal Sampat
Tess Westin
9. The new guy who replaces Jim is named Jerry Dantana. Where is he working when Mac calls him to request he join News Night?
Los Angeles
Washington, D.C.
By way of explanation.....
"It's Washington. It doesn't matter."
10. Neal has decided to start season 2 by pitching a story that isn't about Bigfoot. What is the pitch for?
Apple and the Legacy of Steve Jobs on the Day of His Retirement
Occupy Wall Street
Rick Perry: Brilliant Debater
Weaknesses of Tea Party Senatorial Candidates
By way of explanation.....
The better story would be if Bigfoot joined Occupy Wall Street.
11. Pundit Cyrus West is the new guy's choice for News Night's panel discussion on drone strikes. What word does he rudely repeat several times?
By way of explanation.....
I suspect Cyrus West is going to be trouble.
12. What is Don's big move during the season premiere?
He dumps Maggie
He quits Elliot Hirsch's show to go back to News Night
He sleeps with Lisa
He sleeps with Sloan
By way of explanation.....
He won't sleep with Sloan until the fifth or sixth episode.
13. What did Maggie do that forced Don to dump her?
Cheated on him with Jim
Confessed to Lisa that she loved Jim
Got busted on YouTube professing her feelings about Jim
Left for Africa without telling him
By way of explanation.....
When will people face up to the fact that Sex and the City brings humanity nothing but pain?
14. What song do Will and MacKenzie debate at the bar?
Another Brick in the Wall
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Someone Like You
You Better You Bet
By way of explanation.....
Completely irrelevant to this quiz, You Better You Bet is my wife's favorite song. So she looooooved that scene.
15. Who is waiting outside the door while MacKenzie gives her testimony to the AWM team of lawyers?
Maggie and Will but not Jim
By way of explanation.....
Jim was following the Romney campaign the whole time so he wasn't involved with the Genoa tip.

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