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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 5 Episode 20: Cafe Disco
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1. As the episode opens, Dwight pulls a fast one by getting __________ to announce ____________:
Michael / Jim has been demoted
Erin / she won an art contest
Meredith / Jim's tires have been slashed
Creed / Jan an Michael are back together
2. Reflecting on his days with the Michael Scott Paper Company, Michael most misses:
Being able to nap any time during the day
Having a prime number of employees in his company
Having lunch with his employees
Being able to dance around the office whenever he wanted
3. When Michael goes into his robot routine ("we are just office drones....just office drones...all we do is work...."), who pulls out his "battery" to end the shenanigans?
4. Erin retrieves from the fax machine directions to a courthouse located in this non-Scranton city:
Wilmington, Delaware
Winchester, Virginia
Hagerstown, Maryland
Youngstown, Ohio
5. Who is the first person to dance with Michael in the space that becomes Cafe Disco?
6. During Michael's floundering attempt to define Cafe Disco, Dwight makes an allusion to this horror movie classic:
The Shining
The Exorcist
Rosemary's Baby
7. When Erin coins the term "Cafe Disco", who suggest "Like a disco cafe?" which, as Michael scoffs, isn't even close?
8. Michael and Angela battle for Kevin's soul when he wanders down to Cafe Disco. What treat does Michael offer Kevin to stay?
A cookie
Jelly beans
9. "This is a no work zone. Please respect..."
The lei
The groove
The limbo pole
The funk
10. Michael blares this song through the HVAC vent connecting Cafe Disco to the office upstairs to entice people to come down:
The Rhythm is Gonna Get You
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
What Is Love
Hot Hot Hot
11. On her way down to Cafe Disco, Phyllis stops by to invite Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration), only to come away from an awkward encounter with the suspicion that:
Bob is going to be fired
Bob is cheating on her with his secretary
Bob hasn't been to work all day
Bob has been taking drugs
12. Who is dancing at Cafe Disco and attract attention of Vance Refrigeration workers?
Kelly only
Kelly and Ryan
Kelly and Erin
Ryan and Erin
13. As he helps her recuperate from her back injury, Dwight pretends to divine this about Phyllis, which he knows damn well from working only a few feet from her:
She bites her fingernails
She grinds her teeth
She cracks her knuckles
She as a deviated septum
14. We see Jim preparing for his elopement with Pam by:
Cutting his hair in the restroom
Trying to tie a bow tie
Tying cans to his car's bumper
Picking flowers
15. Who engage in a dance-off in Cafe Disco?
Kelly and Andy
Ryan and Kelly
Erin and Andy
Andy and Dwight
16. In his treatment of Phyllis, Dwight employs a remedy used on what sort of animal?
A horse
A pig
A cow
A goat
17. Michael tries to get Angela in the spirit, suggesting that Cafe Disco might have this magical property:
Healing waters
Talking walls
Intoxicating lighting
A mystical drawbridge that blocks bad spirits
18. As decoration for Cafe Disco, Creed presents Michael with a mirrorball, which he suggests he had used:
In his bathroom as a shaving mirror
In his car as a rear-view mirror
An an anti-crime device
To manufacture fake IDs
19. Kelly's performance in the dance-off includes a reference to this iconic movie:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Top Gun
The Breakfast Club
20. The episode ends with everyone dancing to this good-time party song:
Dancing Queen
Electric Slide
Cha-Cha Slide

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