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How Well Do You Know: Working Girl
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1. Melanie Griffith plays our heroine Tess. What is this character's last name?
2. Playing the title character, what was Melanie Griffith's billing?
And Introducing Melanie Griffith
3. Who is the real life wife of this film's director?
Jane Pauley
Diane Sawyer
Katie Couric
Deborah Norville
4. Which NYC borough is Tess living in at the start of the movie?
The Bronx
Staten Island
5. What event is Tess celebrating with Cyn at the top of the movie?
Tess' 30th birthday
Cyn's getting engaged
Tess getting a new job
Mick's getting a boat loan
6. How much does the cocktail dress cost that Tess 'borrows' from Katharine? (Hint: And it's not even leather!)
7. What do Jack and Tess drink at the Dewey Stone cocktail party?
White White Spritzers
Chivas Regal
8. Bob Speck from Arbitrage shows Tess a porn film in the back of a limo under the guise of interviewing her for a job. Who plays this lech?
Oliver Platt
Kevin Spacey
Keifer Sutherland
Alec Baldwin
9. This Oscar-winning actress cameos as a Personnel Director in charge of employee placement. She is:
Shirley MacLaine
Ellen Burstyn
Olympia Dukakis
Mercedes Ruehl
10. Katharine Parker is transferring from Boston to work in the Mergers and Acquisitions department of what company?
Goldman Sachs
Dewey Stone
Bear Stearns
Petty Marsh
11. Where did Katharine go to college?
Bryn Mawr
12. According to Tess, David Lutz is a sleazoid pimp with size issues. Who plays Lutz?
Vincent D'onofrio
Dudley Moore
Oliver Platt
Jason Alexander
13. What other life-altering event happens to Tess the day she finds out that her boss stole her deal idea?
She finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her.
She finds out she's pregnant.
She gets fired.
She runs out of Aqua Net.
14. What gift does Jack bring Tess to her office to celebrate their 'doing a deal together'?
A Cross Pen
A briefcase
A lunch box
15. The deal at the center of the film involves attempting to acquire a radio network for Trask Industries. What company does Jack bring on board for the merger?
Metro Radio Systems Network
Southern Radio Systems
16. At what event does Mick the Snake propose to Tess a few days after being busted with another woman?
Tess's surprise birthday party
Dewey Stone's cocktail party
The wedding of Oren Trask's daughter
Cyn's engagement party
17. What is Jack doing in his office that causes the entire secretarial pool of Dewey Stone to applaud him?
Organizes his file drawer
Putts a golf ball into a glass
Changes his shirt while still on the phone
Fetches his own damn coffee
18. This former talk show hostess has a 'bitsy' part as a bridesmaid at the wedding that Tess and Jack crash. Who is she?
Megan Mullally
Ricki Lake
Tempestt Bledsoe
Queen Latifah
19. Katharine lands on a helipad holding a large stuffed toy. This scene serves as a wink and a nod toward what other Sigourney Weaver vehicle?
Gorillas in the Mist
20. What drug does Tess take before attending the Dewey Stone cocktail party?
21. This is Katharine's (and Jack's?) favorite perfume:
Chanel No. 5
Lady Stetson
22. This former SNLer stars as Katharine's snobby colleague at Petty Marsh:
Jan Hooks
Victoria Jackson
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Nora Dunn
23. How many future Jack Ryans are in this movie?
24. 'Working Girl' was also a short-lived NBC television series back in 1990. Who starred as Tess?
Jennifer Aniston
Sandra Bullock
Rebecca DeMornay
Ellen DeGeneres
25. All of these people were nominated for Oscars for 'Working Girl'. Which one won?
Melanie Griffith
Sigourney Weaver
Joan Cusack
Carly Simon

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