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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S03E10: Mhysa
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The real most powerful man in Westeros.

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1. While Robb Stark is beyond caring at this point, what fate has befallen him?
He's been forced to marry an ugly Frey daughter
He's been placed in a compromising position with his wife's corpse
He's been unceremoniously tossed into the river
His head has been replaced with his wolf's
By way of explanation.....
2. What does Sansa suggest that she and Tyrion should do to Desmond Crakehall to get revenge for his laughing at them?
Force him to become court jester
Hand him over to Joffrey and his crossbow
Have his head shaved
"Sheep shift" his bed
By way of explanation.....
Sansa also thinks "shift is a vulgar word
3. The little monster Joffrey is particularly happy at the meeting of the Small Council. Why?
It's his birthday.
Littlefinger has sent him an especially pleasing whore.
The new crossbows are here!
Robb Stark and Catelyn Stark are dead.
4. Joffrey's jubilant mood takes a turn when this person threatens to kill him.
Grand Maester Pycelle
Lord Tyrion
Lord Tywin
Lord Varys
5. When Tyrion accuses his father of never having cared about anything but his own interests, what horrible thing does Tywin reveal?
He killed his own wife/Tyrion's mother to save them all.
He killed the Targaryen infants for the good of the realm
He nearly drowned Tyrion when The Imp was born.
He plans to marry Lady Olenna Tyrell to further unite the families
By way of explanation.....
Tywin is a d!ck.
6. In Bran's story, why did the gods turn the cook at the Nightfort into a white rat?
For breaking the vows of the Night's Watch
For killing the son of a king
For rising up against the dragons of the Targaryens
For the unforgivable crime of killing a guest beneath his roof
By way of explanation.....
Hmm...this feels familiar.
7. Who has been named The Warden of the North?
Balon Greyjoy
Ramsay Snow
Roose Bolton
Walder Frey
8. Some weird dude has been tormenting Theon Greyjoy for the bulk of the season, and we finally learn his identity. Who is it?
Edric Storm (one of Robert Baratheon's many bastards)
Kelvin Stark (Robb's distant cousin)
Euron Greyjoy (Theon's never-seen uncle)
Ramsay Snow (Roose Bolton's bastard son)
9. Ramsay Snow tells Theon that he no longer looks like a Greyjoy and will have to take a new name. What is the name Ramsay bestows upon Theon?
10. Who do Bran and his companions encounter at the Nightfort?
Arya Stark and The Hound
Jon Snow
Sam Tarly, Gilly (and Gilly's baby)
11. Balon Greyjoy receives a package in the mail. What is inside it?
A kraken egg
Theon's fingers
Theon's head
Theon's penis
By way of explanation.....
We don't love Theon, but Ramsay fits both definitions of bastard.
12. Who offers Shae a bag of diamonds to leave King's Landing and go back across the Narrow Sea?
Lord Varys
13. Where does Arya get the knife that she uses to kill a man (for the very first time)?
Her sword teacher, Syrio, gave it to her
Jon Snow gave it to her before he went to The Wall
She takes it from one of the Frey bannermen
She takes it from The Hound
14. What does Ygritte do after Jon Snow tells her he loves her?
Kicks him in the jimmy
Runs to him and jumps on the back of his horse
Shoots him with an arrow
Turns around and leaves
15. What does Maester Aemon instruct Sam to do?
Cook his dinner
Feed all 44 ravens and make sure they're ready to fly with the message that The Wall (and Westeros) is in grave danger
Go out and find Jon Snow
Take Gilly back to the other side of the wall
By way of explanation.....
Finally someone seems to recognize where the real danger is.
16. Why are the bells ringing at Storm's End?
Because a brand new smoke baby is born
Because Stannis's wife has died
Because the usurper Robb Stark is dead
To warn people of the impending arrival of pirates
17. How does Ser Davos save Gendry from being killed by Lady Melisandre and Stannis?
He hides him in Shireen Baratheon's room
He puts him in a boat and tells him to row until he reaches King's Landing
He sends him to join the Night's Watch
He tells them that the boy died of a strange contagious disease
18. When Jaime arrives back in King's Landing, who is the first person he goes to see?
19. Why does Stannis allow Ser Davos to live?
Davos gives him the note about the danger at The Wall and Stannis and Lady Melisandre decide that is more important than the war of the five kings
Gendry returns and takes the place of Davos
Stannis decides that after cutting off Davos's fingers and the death of Davos's son, the Onion Knight has suffered enough
Stannis's daughter, Shireen, runs into the room and begs her father to show Davos mercy
20. The people of Meereen call Daenerys Targaryen "Mhysa." What does that word mean?

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