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How Well Do You Know: Identity Thief
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1. What news does Sandy Patterson receive as the movie opens?
He has been approved for a loan
He is going to be audited by the IRS
His wife is being rushed to the hospital
His credit card has been stolen
2. When we meet Diana, she gets into trouble with her new-found money, and eventually gets arrested, at:
A hair salon
A bar
A shopping mall
A movie theater
3. We learn that Sandy is named after a famous:
TV newsman
Baseball player
4. Sandy receives a call reminding him of an appointment for _________, which is his first indication that his identity has been compromised and leads him to eventually tracking down Diana:
A beauty salon
A court date
Jury duty
A restaurant
5. Sandy is summoned for a meeting with Daniel Casey, who proposes splitting off and forming his new firm, in this location:
In the parking garage
On the roof
In a janitor closet
On a floor that is still under construction
6. Sandy gets his credit card confiscated and cut up when he tries to buy:
Office supplies
Fast food
7. To track down Diana, Sandy must travel from ___________ to __________:
Washington, DC / Dallas
Chicago / New Orleans
Philadelphia / Arkansas
Denver / Florida
8. Police arrive at Sandy's workplace to search for:
Stolen jewelry
Counterfeit cash
Guns and drugs
Stolen credit cards
9. Sandy and Diana first come face to face:
In an elevator
On a highway
In a car wash
In a police station
10. When they brawl in her house, Sandy hits Diana with this musical instrument:
A guitar
A banjo
A trombone
11. Marisol and Julian come calling, because of what Diana did to Paolo. So, what did Diana do to Paolo?
Stole his identity
Gave him bad credit cards
Jumped bail on him
Ensnared him in a ponzi scheme
12. Diana claims that she is originally from:
South Dakota
13. While Big Chuck and Diana get it on romantically and make Wookie noises, Sandy:
Is asleep, drugged by Diana
Has shut himself in the bathroom
Is in the hotel bar
Waits out in the car
14. The Skiptracer nabs Diana while Sandy asks for this for her while checking out of the motel:
Grape Nehi
Strawberry Qwik
15. A high speed chase ends when Skiptracer's van:
Hits a police car
Slams into a very, very large boulder
Is rolled by Sandy
Goes into a lake
16. After the highway chase, Sandy's rental car:
Is crushed by a semi
Is obliterated by an ambulance
Is stolen by Diana
17. Taking a walking shortcut through the woods, Sandy runs afoul of this type of animal:
18. Sandy wakes at the bus station:
In someone else's pants
Badly burned
Having been drugged
Naked and in handcuffs
19. Sandy buys a used car with money:
Diana swindles from the clerk at the bus station
With one of Diana's bad credit cards
He finds in his sock
Diana wins by hustling pool
20. Sandy and Diana plan to forge credit cards with the information from his old boss Harold Cornish in this city:
Oklahoma City
St. Louis
Kansas City
21. To aid in his criminal enterprise, Sandy picks up a suit from:
A second hand store
An athletic club
A clothing donation box
A drycleaner's
22. According to Diana, her real name is:
Unknown to her
23. Diana says she was left:
At a hospital
At a church
At a school
At a police station
24. Sandy and Diana are arrested:
In a swank hotel restaurant
At a car dealership
In an exclusive nightclub
On the side of a highway
25. Skiptracer, Marisol and Julian come together in a parking garage. Then,
Marisol shoots Julian and Skiptracer
Julian shoots Marisol and Julian
Skiptracer shoots Marisol and Julian
All three are shot by the police
26. Sandy and Diana escape from the back of the police car when:
Skiptracer shoots the officers
Diana kicks out the rear window
The policemen run out after Julian and Marisol
Diana successfully bribes the officers
27. Awakening after a brief unconsciousness following Skiptracer running her over, Diana does this to Sandy, which she has done several times in the movie:
Knees him in the groin
Slaps his face
Punches him in the throat
Elbows him in the ribs
28. During dinner with Sandy and his family, Diana adorns her face with:
Macaroni and cheese
Mashed potatoes
Creamed corn
Onion rings
29. Diana ultimately ends up going to jail, because:
Sandy turns her in
Sandy's wife turns her in
Sandy's boss turns her in
Diana turns herself in
30. As the movie ends, Sandy gives Diana her birth certificate, which lists her real first name as:
Oddly enough, Diana
Oddly enough, Sandy

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