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How Well Do You Know: The Pixar Feature That.....
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1. set closest to Australia:

2. set mainly in the continental United States:

3. ...features John Ratzenberger as a construction worker named Tom:

4. ....features a character attempting to tell a joke about a mollusk and a sea cucumber:

5. ...had the smallest reported working budget, at $30 million:

By way of explanation.....
Source: Wikipedia
6. ...had the best domestic opening on its release:

By way of explanation.....
Source: Wikipedia
7. ... was nominated for, but did not win, the Oscar for Animated Feature:

8. ...was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar:

9. ...features vocal work by Samuel L. Jackson:

10. ...was co-directed by a female:

11. ...was both written and directed by Brad Bird:

12. ...had the short For the Birds attached to it during its theatrical run:

13. ...had the short Presto attached to it for its theatrical run:

14. ....features Kevin Spacey as the voice of its villain:

15. ...features Steve Buscemi as the voice of its primary villain:

16. ...features action set in Tokyo, Paris and Porto Corsa, Italy:

17. ...concerns a will:

18. ...features a cast that includes actors named Allison, Albert, Ellen and Willem:

19. ...features a cast that includes actors named Patton, Janeane, Peter and Ian:

20. ...features a character named Edna Mode:

21. ...was not directed by John Lasseter:

22. ...features the megacorporation Buy n Large:

23. ...features the Oscar-nominated song "When She Loved Me":

24. ...features a restaurant called Harryhausen's:

25. ...features a rock being used as a seed during an awkward attempt at an analogy:

26. ...contains the catch-phrase "Adventure is out there!":

27. ...contains a flashback which involves a girl named Daisy:

28. ...was, according to Wikipedia, Pixar's "final, independently-produced motion picture before its purchase by Disney."

By way of explanation.....
Source: Wikipedia
29. ...features a villain who was once known as Buddy Pine:

30. ...features a showdown which includes Chick Hicks and Strip Weathers:


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