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How Well Do You Know: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
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1. As the film opens, Hansel and Gretel are taken into the woods by:
Their father
Their mother
Their older sister
Their grandfather
2. Young Hansel and Gretel dispatch the witch they meet in the house made of candy by:
Siccing wolves on her
Stabbing her
Shooting her
Burning her
3. From their encounter in the gingerbread house, we learn this about Hansel and Gretel:
They are immune to the spell of witches
The witches have a pact not to kill either one
They are not actually brother and sister
They can dispatch witches with their mental powers alone
4. Jumping ahead a few years, we meet Sheriff Berringer as he is about to kill a young woman named Mina for witchcraft by:
Burning her
Drowning her
Hanging her
Slashing her throat
5. Gretel proves to be one tough cookie when she does this to the sheriff:
Breaks his leg
Stops his heart with one punch
Breaks his nose
Stabs him in the hand
6. Gretel: "It seems that the coming of the ________ Moon is dragging every damned witch from their dark hiding place." What type of moon is the catalyst for the vents in the movie.
7. Hansel and Gretel eventually team up with Ben Wosser who, at their first meeting, shows the brother and sister:
His hiding place under the town saloon
A scrapbook of their work
His collection of witch heads
Some mementos from their parents
8. The sheriff hires trackers to find missing children. The only tracker who survives being onset by the witches comes back to town, only to __________ in the saloon:
Burst into flames
Transform into a horrible beast
Turn into a witch himself
9. Mina diagnoses Hansel as having ___________, requiring him to take an injection every few hours to stay alive:
Fainting spells
Sugar sickness
A hyperactive heart
Spirit sickness
10. From interrogating a witch, Hansel and Gretel learn that the abducted children:
Each have the same name
Were each born in a different month of the year
Are all children of white witches
Are children of dark witches
11. As they raid the town to abduct another child, the witches do this to distract the townspeople:
Stampede horses
Shower the town with blood
Raise the dead from a cemetery
Set a building on fire
12. In abducting the girl, the witches employ a creature named Edward. Edward is a/n:
13. Hansel and Gretel lose an ally named Jackson, when Muriel forces to kill himself:
By drowning himself in a well
By cutting off his head with a large knife
With a shotgun
By throwing himself off a building
14. Only grand witches have this ability:
Read the minds of humans
Change their face
Enchant animals
Fly in the daylight
15. Edward saves Gretel from peril as she is:
Being bound by witches
Fighting Hansel, who is under a spell
Being beaten by the Sheriff and his men
About to be burned at a steak
16. The sheriff meets his doom when:
His heart is torn out
A pitchfork is driven through his head
He jumps in front of a spell meant for Mina
His head is smashed
17. Hansel and Mina get frisky when:
She teaches him how to fly on a broomstick
They melt down metal for weapons
He shows her how to hunt for food
She bathes him in healing waters
18. Whoa....we totally didn't see this coming....It turns out that the witch's lair is actually directly below:
Hansel and Gretel's childhood home
A graveyard
The site where Hansel and Gretel's parents were killed
A church
19. If witches drink a potion during the Blood Moon, they become impervious to:
Being decapitated
20. ...but the Blood Moon potion requires the __________ of a grand white witch:
21. How did Hansel and Gretel's mother and father die, respectively?
Shot and burned
Burned and hanged
Drowned and hanged
Hanged and drowned
22. Somewhat slow up the uptake, Hansel realizes Mina is, in fact a witch, when:
She heals him
She battles Muriel with magic
She controls animals
She hovers on a broom
23. What do Hansel and Mina do to all their weaponry before final showdown with the witches?
Steal it back from the sheriff
Sell it
Expose it to the Blood Moon
Bless it
24. Both Mina and Edward appear to be done in during the battle with the witches - Mina is stabbed, Edward is thrown off a cliff. Do either survive?
Both do
Edward but not Mina
Mina but not Edward
Neither do
25. Hansel and Gretel ultimately behead Muriel with:
An axe
A shovel
A gun
A wire

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