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How Well Do You Know: Mama
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1. As the film open, adorable Victoria Desange and her younger sister Lily are taken from their home by their father who, it is implied, has killed:
Their mother
Their other sister
Their baby brother
A policeman
2. The girls arrive at a cabin in the woods after:
Their father has taken a lethal overdose of drugs
Their father crashes his car
Being captured by Mama
Their father tries to kill them
3. The movie is set in and around this US city:
Juneau, Alaska
Richmond, Virginia
Boulder, Colorado
East Lansing, Michigan
4. Mama's care of the girls in the cabin include this fruit - remnants of which are found in abundance when the girls are finally found:
5. When we first see Annabel, she is relieved that:
She has received a new job offer
She is not pregnant
The girls have been found
Lucas, her boyfriend and the girls' uncle, has returned from fighting abroad
6. When Victoria meets Lucas for the first time after her rescue, he gives her something. What is it?
A pair of glasses
A comic book
A yo-yo
A dolly
7. How does Lucas come by the house where he and Annabel raise the two girls?
He inherits it
Dr. Dreyfuss lets him live in it
He uses money from a lawsuit to buy it
He buys it with lottery winnings
8. The occupations and Lucas and Annabel are an issue when it comes to their guardianship of the girls. Their vocations are:
Janitor and secretary
Bus driver and nurse
Cartoonist and musician
Teacher and barmaid
9. In one of the great shots of the film, we look down a hallway and see Annabel and Victoria, while Lily plays with Mama in the girls' room. What is Lily doing with Mama?
Playing hide-and-seek
Playing with a ball
Making paper dolls
Pulling on a sheet
10. Annabel's first brief glimpse of Mama comes:
When she is home alone
When she stares out a window at night
When she is making out with Lucas
When she is playfully chasing Victoria through the house
11. The presence of these insects suggest the presence of Mama:
12. Lucas goes into a coma after:
Falling down stairs
Falling off a ladder
Getting locked in a closet with Mama
Being thrown around the girls' room by Mama
13. The girls warn Annabel not to look here, which seems to be where Mama likes to hide the most:
Under their beds
The sewing room down the hall
The closet in their room
The attic
14. Dr. Dreyfuss's investigation into Mama's origin centers on records from:
An asylum
An abbey
An orphanage
A prison
15. Shortly before suffering a seizure, Lucas has a vision of his brother appearing:
Beside their house
On top of a mountain
In a cemetery
Under a bridge
16. In Annabel's starling nightmare, we see Mama kill:
A nun
Her husband
17. That same night, Lily follows Mama out of the house. Where does Lily end up the following morning?
In the yard under a tree
On the roof
Back in the cabin
The the middle of the street
18. The last we see of Dr. Dreyfuss, he is:
Trying to burn down the cabin
Trying to dig up Mama's body
Trying to take Mama's picture
Trying to purge Mama's spirit from the cabin
19. Annabel listens to hypnotherapy sessions, during which Victoria provides some background information on Mama: "It was a long time ago. A lady ran away from a hospital....She took her baby. She:"
Jumped into the water
Ran into a fire
Tried to touch the sun
Still has her baby
20. Mama chases Annabel and the girls through the house, and it looks like she is about to do in Annabel, when:
Lucas comes home
The police knock on the door
The family dog bursts in and scares Mama away
The girls' great aunt arrives
21. Annabel comes into possession of a box, the contents of which Mama is interested. What is in the box?
A pendant
The remains of Mama's baby
A bible
The clothes Mama was wearing when she died
22. What becomes of Aunt Jean?
Mama throws her off a cliff
Her body is possessed by Mama
She is set afire by Mama
Victoria pushes her down the stairs
23. What happens to the two girls at the end of the film?
Both stay with Lucas and Annabel
Both are taken by Mama
Victoria stays with Lucas and Annabel, Lily is taken by Mama
Lily stays with Lucas and Annabel, Victoria is taken by Mama
24. The last we see of Mama in the film is of her:
Re-appearing to visit Victoria years later
Plunging into the river
Descending into her grave
Bursting into a cloud of moths

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