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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S03E08: Second Sons
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1. Where is the Hound taking Arya Stark?
Back to King's Landing
He's handing her over to Stannis Baratheon
He's taking her to Braavos, where she might be able to find Jaqen H'ghar
He's taking her to The Twins, where her mother and brother will be for Edmure's wedding
2. What is the name of the band of sellswords encountered by Daenerys Targaryen and company?
The Brotherhood Without Banners
The Faceless Men
The Night's Watch
The Second Sons
3. What does Daenerys give the Titan's Bastard and the other leaders of the Second Sons as they leave her to go ponder whether they will fight for her?
A barrel of wine
A flagon of wine
A glimpse of her queenly breasts
A night with Missandei (the translator girl)
4. Ser Davos correctly deduces the reason that Stannis has come to free him from his prison cell. What is the reason?
He didn't release him from prison at all. It was just a cruel trick.
Stannis's daughter Shireen begged for Davos's release
Stannis knew that Davos would counsel him against allowing Melisandre to kill Gendry
Stannis needs a skilled naval officer to go into battle against Joffrey
5. What promise does Tyrion make to Sansa?
"I'll divorce you as soon as my father dies."
"I'll help you to escape King's Landing somehow."
"I will never let Joffrey touch you again."
"I won't ever hurt you."
6. At the wedding of Sansa and Tyrion, who gives away the bride?
By way of explanation.....
Just another opportunity for Joffrey to be a jerk.
7. Not content to just be unkind to Sansa, Joffrey also does something cruel to his Uncle Tyrion during the wedding ceremony. What is it?
He aims his crossbow at Tyrion and says he'll kill him if Sansa isn't pregnant within a month
He claims to everyone in the room that he should have first right to take Sansa's virginity
He takes the stool that Tyrion would stand on to put the ceremonial wedding robe on Sansa's shoulders
He unveils a horrible painting portraying Tyrion as Sansa's doll
8. Melisandre strips naked, climbs on top of Gendry, ties him up, and...
Has a vision that shows he will be the future king
Has him help her make a new smoke baby
Puts leeches on him, including one in a *very* uncomfortable place
Stabs him
By way of explanation.....
Melisandre isn't coming across much nicer than Joffrey tonight.
9. Who threatens Joffrey during the wedding feast, thereby getting our hopes up that something awful might happen to the horrible young king?
Sansa Stark
Ser Loras Tyrell
Tyrion Lannister
Tywin Lannister
10. What happens during the bedding ceremony of Tyrion and Sansa?
Joffrey tears Sansa's dress off and commands everyone to look at her
Shae bursts into the room and declares her love for Tyrion
There is no bedding ceremony. Tywin agrees with Tyrion that it is unnecessary.
Tyrion passes out and is unable to perform
11. When Tyrion says "Astoundingly long," what is he referring to?
His first lovemaking session with Sansa
Sansa's neck
The knife he uses to threaten Joffrey
Tyrion's danger zone, if you know what I mean
12. How many languages does Missandei, Daenerys's servant/translator speak?
13. Why does Daario Naharis say that he killed his captains, the leaders of the Second Sons?
"I didn't like the way they spoke to you earlier."
"I was tired of being just a lieutenant."
"They took all the wine for themselves."
"We had...philosophical differences."
14. What interrupts Sam and Gilly's night in the farmhouse?
A white walker shows up
Jon Snow's direwolf arrives, barking frantically
Sam accidentally burns the house down
The ghost of Craster appears to them
15. How does Sam kill the white walker?
He pushes it into the fire
He chops its head off with an axe
With a small dagger made of dragonglass
With a sword made of Valyrian steel
By way of explanation.....
It's a pretty big surprise for Mr. W. Walker.

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