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How Well Do You Know: Project X
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1. Here's a softball for you: Project X coincides with:
Thomas's acceptance into college
Thomas's birthday
The last day of school
Thomas's graduation
2. What's unusual about Dax, the kid who handles the primary camerawork for the movie?
He never speaks during the movie
He's legally blind
He doesn't go to school with the others
No one is sure where his parents are
3. Thomas's father reassures his mother that it's fine to leave Thomas alone for the weekend, primarily, because, in the words of his dad:
He's a loser
He's a good boy
He has no friends
He's invisible
4. "If you f--- this up, I will stab you." Which of the four guys is almost desperately determined that the party go on?
5. Describe the relationship between Thomas and the blonde Kirby at the onset of the film:
They are mostly platonic friends
They are rather bitter exes
They are friendly exes
They are dating
6. The boys visit T-Rick, who appears to be a chill stoner (but, wait for it.....) in order by buy:
Publicity for the party
7. The guys need a mascot for the party, so they steal this figurine from T-Rick (which triggers things going thermonuclear at the end of the film):
An elephant
A dragon
A gnome
A Buddha
8. Costa has hired two kids, Everett and Tyler, for this purpose at the party:
Set-up and clean-up
9. Costa sets up a sign next to the swimming pool. That sign reads:
Keep Out
Poll Toll Before Swimming
Danger, Electrified
Naked Girls Only
10. While the kids are waiting for everyone to show up, Kirby and Costa are:
Blaming each other for no one coming to the party
Playing a video game
Trying to give Thomas a wedgie
Giving each other personal styling tips
11. Thomas's dog is victimized early in the party, as it is:
Thrown into the swimming pool
Put in a clothes dryer
Tied to balloons
Chased into the street
12. The early arrivers at the party are surprised when local hero Miles shows up, riding with several others in:
A limousine
A taxi
Party bus
A school bus
13. Rob the Neighbor shows up after the party is in full swing and demands it be shut down. Things don't go as planned, though, when Rob:
Is drugged
Is tazed
Is beaten up by one of the female party-goers
Is hit by a kid fallen off the roof
14. Rob the Neighbor most likely won't call the police, as Thomas and his friends have captured Rob on film:
Drinking with minors
Doing drugs
Making out with a naked high school girl
Punching one of the kids
15. Mysterious hottie Alexis shows young Thomas the finer art of:
Strip poker
Body shots
Naked swimming
Seven minutes in heaven
16. Kirby gives Thomas a photo as a present. Right afterwards,
Costa stumbles in drunk
They make out
Kirby vomits
Something in the basement explodes
17. The police arrive at the party roughly half-way through the film, but they don't shut the party down, because:
Costa pays them off
They get tazed
The revelers all hide quietly in the back
They search the house unsuccessfully
18. After the police leave, Costa re-ignites the party by yelling:
To the break of dawn, yo!
Ain't gonna shut us down!
Party tonight 'cos there ain't no tomorrow!
Up yours, police!
19. Whenever something goes wrong during the film,
Costa blames J.B. for it
Costa assures Thomas he can fix it
Thomas says, "My dad is gonna kill me"
J.B. urges Thomas to stop the party
20. T-Rick isn't going to get his gnome back, as it:
Shatters after being thrown off the roof
Explodes in the microwave
Is smashed with a baseball bat
Ignites on the stovetop
21. The partygoers descend on the remnants of the gnome, as they realize it was filled with:
22. Costa confesses that he invited way more people than Thomas was expecting, as he put out the word about the party on:
Craigslist and a radio station
The evening news
Facebook and Twitter
Flyers stapled to every telephone pole in town
23. Things get out of control in the house when a little person is shoved into:
A washing machine
Closet with a bunch of naked girls
A refrigerator
An oven
24. After the little person is freed from the oven, he responds by:
Running away in tears
Calling the police
Punching everyone in the crotch
Setting the kitchen on fire
25. Alexis gets Thomas upstairs and starts to get naked. Why are the two interrupted as they start with the hot and heavy?
Thomas's dad calls on the phone
The police arrive back at the house
Something outside explodes
Kirby walks in on them
26. As the guys stand on the rooftop, "Holy s---t, it's:"
The news
The cops
My parents
My girlfriend
27. Who drives Thomas's dad's car into the swimming pool?
The little person
28. All hell breaks loose when T-Rick arrives, with vengeance on his mind and a ____________ in his possession:
Machine gun
Dozen grenades
Land mine
29. Of the four, which is the only convicted of any charges related to the party?
30. The ending of the film includes footage of this late-night host talking about the party:
Jon Stewart
Jimmy Fallon
David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel

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