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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 22: The 30% Iron Chef
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What will Elzar be cooking for Morbo to devour with his mighty jaws? An unnameable horror from beyond, with:
mango chutney
truffle oil
pink peppercorn sauce
potato purée
Bender is cooking up a tasty Sunday brunch for his friends, with personalised meals. For example, Amy is cute so what did Bender bake her?
a kitten
a pony
a baby deer
a puppy
Fortunately for everyone’s health and safety, the Professor has:
invented a handy food evaporation ray
installed a wormhole in the table
connected a feeding tube to the Planet Express atomic reactor
placed a potted plant in the corner of the dining room
Hurt that no one likes his awful food, Bender takes out his “A Plea For Attention From Bender” personalised stationery. What is not featured on the checklist?
I am running away
I am getting a tattoo
I am appearing in a ________ Gone Wild video
I am committing suicide
Bender joins up with a couple of hobos and makes it to Bumbase Alpha, the biggest hobo jungle in the quadrant. Bender has seen bigger, but what is he thinking of?
Boise, Idaho
Boulder, Colorado
Eugene, Oregon
Hoboken, New Jersey
Also at Bumbase Alpha, the former greatest chef ever. His restaurant was so high-toned, the only way to get reservations was to create a parallel universe where you already had reservations. What is his name?
Talbot Spergle
Helmut Spargle
Lambret Sporgle
Kermit Spurgle
Spargle was displaced by Elzar, who can attract younger, more extreme cooking show viewers. Elzar sold his soul to the dark side of cooking, which includes all of the following except perhaps:
southwestern steak rubs
mango salsa
raspberry vinaigrette
It's so unfair! Bender has eight other senses and he’d trade them all, even _______, to be able to taste.
Meanwhile, back at Planet Express, Zoidberg has hatched a plan to frame Fry for breaking the Professor’s ship in a bottle. It involves replacing Fry’s T-shirt with a T-shirt that has which slogan?
Fry Did It
I Hate Bottles
Fry Confesses
I Broke It, Not Zoidberg
Fry doesn’t remember breaking the Professor’s bottle, but he doesn’t have the wherewithal to defend himself, so the Professor has no choice but to charge him the full cost of the materials. How much is it?
three dollars
five dollars
eight dollars
ten dollars
Bender’s training under Spargle is complete. What is Spargle’s training nickname for Bender?
little dessert spoon
little ramekin
little spatula
little soupçon
Bender challenges Elzar to a duel to Kitchen Coliseum. Who is not one of the guest judges?
Martha Stewart
George Foreman
Ethan “Bubblegum” Tate
What futuristic food is the theme ingredient for the Kitchen Coliseum duel?
virtual steak (from The Matrix)
soylent green (from Soylent Green)
mélange (from Dune)
Taco Bell (from Demolition Man)
Martha Stewart’s head once ended a thousand-year galactic war with her apple dandies. What’s the secret?
fresh pork
sliced chicken hearts
oyster sauce
The pure essence of flavour that was Spargle’s parting gift to Elzar turns out to have been laced with a few spoonfuls of what?
magic mushrooms

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