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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 21: Future Stock
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There is a Planet Express stockholder’s meeting to explain the company’s dismal performance. Who is not present at the meeting?
Fry leaves the stockholders’ meeting in search of free food, which he finds at:
the 30th Annual Academic Conference on the Extremely Mundane
the Goldborg Bot-Mitzvah
the Snooty House initiation hazing
a new exhibit at the Gallery of Perverted Arts
According to Leela, the company being on the verge of bankruptcy:
limps the biscuit
hooties up the blowfish
toads the wet sprocket
is a load of hoobastank
Fry goes to a cryogenic support group for the free food. When Joe was frozen, who ruled the Earth?
giant carrots
cannibal gorillas
mutant works
cyborg automobiles
Back in the 1980's, 80’s Guy was the toast of Wall Street. he was having whiskey with Boesky and cookies with Milken. But then, he was diagnosed with terminal what?
80’s Guy was from the same time as Fry. What song does he remember?
Shaddap You Face, by Joe Dolce
She Blinded Me With Science, by Thomas Dolby
Cruel Summer, by Bananarama
Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats
Fry says he can get 80’s Guy a job at the company where he works. 80s Guy thinks this is:
totally hardcore bitching
the bomb-diggity-o-rama
awesome to the max
bodaciously rad
Why does Scruffy have four times as much stock as anyone else?
Scruffy has unsupervised access to the photocopier
Planet Express would fall apart without Scruffy
the shares are worthless, and Scruffy kept asking for more toilet paper
Scruffy believes in this company
Zoidberg sells his stock in Planet Express for:
a Twizzler
a pair of pants
a sandwich
a cardboard box
Mom is less than impressed with the magazine articles on the 80’s Guy and Fry, New Delivery Kings. But when Igner points out that they are kings, she tells him to what?
“Jam a bastard in it, you crap!”
“Jam a crap in it, you scumpile!”
“Jam a scumpile in it, you jerkwad!”
“Jam a jerkwad in it, you bastard!”
Fry and 80’s Guy work on Fry’s execu-speak. The correct answer to “I’m worried about blank.” is “Don’t you worry about blank. Let me worry about blank.” but 80’s goy would also have accepted:
“I don’t care about blank. The whole paradigm has shifted!”
“Worrying about blank isn’t growing the business.”
“Blank? Blank? You’re not looking at the big picture!”
“Let’s talk about blank off-line, over lunch.”
80’s Guy decides to sell Planet Express to Mom so she can gut the company and eliminate them as competitors. Everyone is fired. It’s so sad – where will Amy go? What will Amy do?
“You have the Celebrity and Heiress golf tournament over the weekend, ma’am.”
“You have a boat outing to Polynesia planned for September, ma’am.”
“You have Mrs. Darlinghaven's cotillion at 7, ma'am.”
“You have the charity gala for diseased lobster this evening, ma’am.”
Before Mom can take over Planet Express, the shareholders of both companies must approve the deal. Igner has a little trouble, and instead of voting in favour of the deal, he votes for:
Pat Buchanan
Ross Perot
Steve Forbes
Ralph Nader
The Planet Express shares are now worth $107, which makes Leela a millionaire! How does this change her worldview?
she suddenly thinks that being a millionaire hardly makes her rich
she suddenly has an opinion on the capital gains tax
she suddenly wants to tell people to stop asking for handouts
she suddenly feels superior to the people around her
Fry decides not to sell the company when the stock price falls to:
five doohickeys
four dealie-os
three kajiggers
two hoobajoobs

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