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How Well Do You Know: The Fellowship of the Ring (Part II)
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Unfortunately, his keys & wallet always seemed to magically hide from him

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Which ones did I miss?
DrTrekker 10/5/09 7:40 pm


1. Who or what was Narsil?
Aragorn's mother, a statue of whom stood in Rivendell
The leader of the Nazgul
The broken sword that Isildur used to cut the Ring from Sauron's hand, ouch
The waterfall in Rivendell
2. Which races had a single member in the Fellowship?
Elves and men
Men and hobbits
Dwarves and men
Elves and dwarves
3. What question did Pippin ask at the end of the Council of Elrond?
Where are we going?
Who's Sauron?
Frodo, did you remember to bring the ring?
What's for breakfast?
4. What two items did Bilbo give to Frodo at Rivendell?
The Ring and a letter
A sword and a mail garment
His book and a map
A lantern and some rope
5. What animals alerted Sauruman that Gandalf and company were near the mountain pass?
No animals - Sauruman saw it in that wicked-looking crystal ball thing he had
6. Thwarted in their efforts to go over the pass, the Fellowship had to travel through dwarf mines, which Gandalf really, really wanted to avoid. What was the name of the mines?
Gloom Mines
The Mines of Hrada
Creepy Caverns
The Mines of Moria
7. At the entrance to the mines, the Fellowship had to part with a pony. What was the name of the pony?
Mr. Pony
8. Having stepped foot in the mines, the Fellowship saw lots of skeletons and thought, "maaaaaaaybe we should have listened to Gandalf about not coming in here." They had no choice, as outside the mines they were attacked by:
An evil dragon
Some kind of sea-monster
Bees. Lots and lots of bees
Ill-tempered orcs
9. "My heart tells me that [he] has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before this is over." About whom did Gandalf speak?
10. He was Gimli's cousin. He was the Dwarf Lord of Moria. He was dead as a doorpost when the Fellowship found him. His friends called him:
11. The Fellowship did a good job concealing their presence in the mines for a while. After this character knocked a skeleton, bucket and chain down a well......not so much:
12. "They have a _________," Boromir dryly said, after he saw this large creature that accompanied the orcs in attacking the Fellowship:
13. In the battle with the orcs in Moria, Frodo's mail undergarment prevented him from being:
Crushed with a boulder
Pierced by an arrow
Skewered with a spear-like object
Stabbed wiih a sword
14. What were Gandalf's last words before he was pulled into the abyss?
Fly, you fools
There is no time
Hold fast to the Fellowship
Hand me my staff
15. Galadriel spoke thusly: "The quest stands upon the _______ stray but a little and it will fail to the ruin of all."
Head of a pin
Wing of a dragonfly
Edge of a knife
Pinnacle of doubt
16. In Lothlorien, as the elves sing a lament for Gandalf, Sam does his best to memorialize the wizard with a little poem about:
His epic battles
His healing potions
His wisdom in difficult times
His fireworks
17. In creating the Uruk-hai, Sauruman stated that the orcs were originally:
18. What did Galadriel correctly prophesize?
That Frodo would meet Gandalf again
That one of the Fellowship would try to take the ring
That Frodo would offer her the Ring
That there was about another hour left in the film
19. What did Frodo see when he peered into the Mirror of Galadriel?
Only an image of himself
A vision of the Shire wasted
The tombs of the other members of the Fellowship
The destruction of the Ring in Mount Doom
20. Galadriel gave the Fellowship various gifts as they left Lothlorien. Who received some hairs from her head?
21. Aragorn knew the Uruk-hai were about to attack at the end of the film because:
He heard them coming
Boromir called out to him
Frodo's sword started glowing
He heard Galadriel's voice in his head
22. Boromir was fatally struck by this many arrows:
23. What were Boromir's last words?
Avenge me
My king
Protect the little ones
Find Frodo
24. How many times in film did a hobbit put on the Ring in the film?
25. Who did not appear to be physically transformed in the presence of the Ring?

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