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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Recap Part 2
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1. "Two Parties": For Ben's bachelor party, the fellas first gather around a gaming table to play:
Knights of the Mist
Kingdoms of Greenwald
Settlers of Catan
Adventure Trek of Kazbaar
2. "Two Parties": Which important US figure makes an appearance at Leslie's bachelorette party, even though Leslie isn't in the mood for historical nudity?
Abrahan Lincoln
Ben Franklin
George Washington
Teddy Roosevelt
3. "Women in Garbage": Tom needs help learning the basketball. So he summons Ben by mentioning that rock star ___________ is in the building, and calls Andy with the promise of free ___________:
Ric Ocasek / Donuts
Dave Grohl / Mallomars
Trent Reznor / Ice cream
Michael Stipe / Skittles
4. "Women in Garbage": April and Leslie struggle with loading large metallic symbolic feminist obstacle onto the truck of women's advancement when they are called to:
Lot 48
A hospital
A bakery
A railyard
5. "Ann's Decision": April must lead a public forum wearing Leslie's _______________ Sex Pants:
Indigo Girls
Fleetwood Mac
Pearl Jam
Paul McCartney
6. "Ann's Decision": Of those that tasted the food for Ben's bachelor party, which does not get horribly, horribly sick?
7. "Emergency Response": With Leslie in lockdown, who appears on Pawnee Today to promote the benefit gala for the park:
8. "Emergency Response": Who dies during the episode?
Councilman Jamm
9. "Emergency Response": On last year’s report, the Department of Emergency Preparedness stated that every time it so much as ___________ in Pawnee, the town is in danger of collapsing into Thunderdome-style post-apocalyptic mayhem
Changes season
10. "Leslie and Ben": Ron fashions wedding rings from a/n __________ torn from the walls of Ann's house:
Picture frame
Electrical outlet
Picture frame
11. "Leslie and Ben": We shoulda seen this coming, but who sings in breathtakingly lovely fashion as Leslie enters the office for her wedding?
12. "Correspondents' Lunch": 364 days a year, [they] rake me over the coals. ... today, I take those burning coals, I shove them back down their throats and I watch their melting flesh drip off their worthless faces. Which Pawnee publication does Leslie target during the Correspondents' Lunch?
Pawnee Tattler
Pawnee Pioneer
Pawnee Sun
Pawnee Rag
13. "Correspondents' Lunch": Ann uses this plant in her metaphorical request for advice from Ron:
Moss rose
14. "Bailout": Tom is a little afraid of his employee Mona-Lisa Saperstein - he once saw her punch a/n ____________ in the face.
Police horse
Crying baby
UFC fighter
15. "Bailout": Of course April knows this song that Ann tortures her with (before and after Ann spills about having a baby with Chris) - that song is amazing.
Wherever You Will Go
Never Gonna Give You Up
Time After Time
Our Lips Are Sealed
16. "Partridge": While Ann scores only a 58% on her parent compatibility test with Chris, she scores a 84% with:
17. "Partridge": The Partridge town mascot is:
Fred the Sled
Mike the Bike
Bill the Hill
Drake the Flake
18. "Animal Control": After he steps in a coyote trap, Chris fires the two potheads that work in Animal Control. The two potheads promptly announce that they're going to:
Hong Kong
19. "Animal Control": April agrees to appear in a confirmation hearing for the head of Animal Control, under the condition that Leslie:
Not smile for a week
Never speak to her again
Divorce Ben
Arrange for Ann to be fired
20. "Article Two": Under provisions of a Pawnee statute passed in 1868, when Leslie, a woman, raises her voice to Ted, a land-owning male, Ted does this to her:
Tickles her
Sics a raccoon on her
Cracks an egg on her head
Forces her to stand facing the corner
21. "Article Two": Ann and Ben both bid on this same item (albeit unsuccessfully), though for different Leslie-days:
A kung-fu hamster
A signed photo of Hillary Clinton
A throw-pillow
A waffle iron
22. "Jerry's Retirement": Ron ascribes his theory that a new Jerry to replace the outgoing Jerry to this principle:
Elasticity of Workplace Inefficiency
Social Darwinism
Filo-pilo Syndrome
23. "Jerry's Retirement": What part of the office is named for Jerry (RIP)?
The supply closet
The women's room
The conference room
The janitor's closet
24. "Swing Vote": The members of Rat Mouse complain to Andy about his preparation of this foodstuff:
Pretzels and dip
25. "Swing Vote": April admits to not really liking Mouse Rat's music, stating she only listens to German death reggae, Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s, and ___________, obviously:
Bette Midler
Clay Aiken
Frank Sinatra
Barbra Streisand
26. "Are You Better Off?": When Tom receives an offer to buy a controlling interest in Rent-a-Swag, he believes it is from:
Lil Wayne
Taio Cruz
27. "Are You Better Off?": We learn that Brandi Maxxxx had a small part in this recent acclaimed film:
Silver Linings Playbook
Life of Pi

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