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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S03E03: Walk of Punishment
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1. It should have been a glorious sendoff for Lord Hoster Tully, father to Catelyn and grandfather of Robb, Arya, Sansa, Bran and Rickon. Unfortunately, Catelyn's brother Edmure causes some embarrassment when he...
Fails - despite 3 tries - to shoot a flaming arrow to ignite his father's funeral boat
Falls into the grave
Gets drunk and starts singing something about a bear and a maiden
Hits on Robb's wife
By way of explanation.....
Poor Edmure (or the actor who plays him) was a chump on Doctor Who, too.
2. Complete this quote from Robb: "I could have that head [Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane] on a spike by now. Instead..."
"He's living it up in King's Landing."
"I have a mill."
"I'll have Edmure's head on a spike."
"I'm stuck here in Riverrun like a sitting duck."
By way of explanation.....
Wah wah.
3. Having been demoted as Hand of the King, Tyrion is now awarded a new position. What job does Tywin give him?
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
Master of Coin
Czar of the Sewers
By way of explanation.....
Option four came from an old Tick episode. I hope you didn't pick it.
4. The reason Tyrion has been promoted to Master of Coin is because Lord Petyr Baelish has been given an assignment. What has he been asked to do?
Act as an emissary to make peace with Stannis
Go overseas to get more whores
Visit Dorne to learn more about Margaery Tyrell's distant family
Woo Lysa Arryn (sister of Catelyn Stark)
By way of explanation.....
When in doubt, go with the creepiest option. He's off to try to convince Lysa Arryn to marry him.
5. Now it is time for us to say goodbye to Hot Pie. What has happened to him?
He disappeared after a battle with the White Walkers.
He had a heart attack and died all too young.
He's staying on at the inn as a baker.
He was killed by the Hound.
6. When Mance Rayder says, "Always the artists," to whom is he referring?
The giants, who are a lot more sensitive than they look
The Night's Watch, who have built the Wall in such a way that it is a striking landmark
The wargs, whose talent for skinchanging is quite impressive
The White Walkers, who arrange their kills in creative patterns
7. What does Mance Rayder send Tormund and Jon Snow to do?
Climb the Wall
Find food
Locate more women
Meet Robb Stark and negotiate a treaty that brings their armies together
8. When the men of the Night's Watch arrive at Craster's house to seek refuge, what is Sam dismayed to discover?
Craster and all of his wives are dead
Craster and all of his wives are White Walkers
Gilly, the girl he likes, is giving birth
There isn't enough food to replenish their supplies
By way of explanation.....
Even worse, Gilly is giving birth to a *boy*.
9. Before Melisandre leaves, Stannis asks her for something. What is it?
Another "son"
Everlasting life
More fires for the unbelievers
A prosperity spell
By way of explanation.....
Apparently, Stannis misses his sweet, murderous little smoke monster.
10. How many of the Unsullied does Daenerys want to buy?
8 of them.
100 of them.
5000 of them.
All of them.
11. Master Kraznys says that Daenerys cannot afford to buy all of the unsullied. What does she offer so that she can obtain them all?
All of the gold in Qarth.
One dragon.
Two dragons.
Three dragons.
By way of explanation.....
Just one dragon. The *biggest* dragon.
12. Tyrion gives Pod (aka Podrick Payne) a gift as thanks for saving his life. What is this gift?
An afternoon with various whores
A knighthood
Lands near Casterly Rock
A wagon full of books
By way of explanation.....
Pod had a pretty good day.
13. Over the years, people have said that Littlefinger is a magician as master of the coin. When money has been needed, he makes it appear. How has he actually been getting this money?
Borrowing it from Tywin Lannister and the Iron Bank of Braavos
Borrowing it from the Tyrells
Providing it from the proceeds of the whorehouse
Stealing it from Tywin Lannister
14. Face turn time! Jaime Lannister saves Brienne from being raped by Locke and his men by telling Locke that her father, Lord Selwyn Tarth, will offer __________________ for her safe (and unbesmirched) return.
The best parcel of land Tarth has to offer
A knighthood
Thousands of gold dragons
By way of explanation.....
We're not sure, but we believe Locke was thinking to himself, "Sapphires...with those I could open the gate of Karash!"
15. What instrument does Locke use to chop off Jaime's hand? (Oh, yes. That just happened.)
An adze
An axe
A broadsword
A carving knife

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