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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S03E02: Dark Wings, Dark Words
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Why do I always have to hang out with Rickon?

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1. What does Bran see while he's dreaming/having a vision?
Jon Snow
A three-eyed raven
All of the above
2. Lord Bolton bears ill tidings for Robb and Catelyn. What are the contents of one of the messages he carries?
Arya is missing
Catelyn's father has died
The Lannister army has broken through and overtaken Winterfell
The White Walkers are coming
3. When we last left Theon, he had just given a rousing speech right before being conked on the head and knocked out. What is happening to him now?
He is back at the Iron Islands, where his father is lecturing him about obeying orders
He is being fed to the fire by Lady Melisandre
He is being tortured for information
He is Robb Stark's prisoner
4. How did Lady Olenna's husband, Lord Luthor, meet his end?
He drank himself to death.
He foolishly rode right into the middle of a bunch of White Walkers
He rode his horse off a cliff whilst hawking
He was killed by Robert Baratheon
5. What does Sansa tell Lady Olenna and Margaery about Joffrey?
"He's a mama's boy."
"He's a monster."
"He's broke."
"He will flog you if you disobey him."
6. When does Lord Karstark believe Robb lost the war?
The day he got involved in it.
The day he married Talisa.
The instant Winterfell was destroyed.
The moment Catelyn set Ser Jaime free.
7. Why does Catelyn Stark believe that her family has been condemned to so much horror?
Because of their unfortunate tendency to be so honest.
Because Robb married Talisa.
Because she couldn't love Jon Snow.
Because she didn't believe in Ned Stark's Old Gods.
8. What is unusual about the wildling named Orell?
He has only one leg.
He's a giant.
He's a warg, meaning he can enter the mind of an animal.
He's blind.
9. What does Lord Commander Mormont of the Night's Watch forbid the easily bullied Sam Tarly to do?
Marry Gilly.
10. What does Thoros of Myr say about Arya?
"Weren't you Tywin Lannister's cup bearer?"
"Why are you running around with this fat boy?"
"You're a dangerous person."
"You seem awfully familiar to me."
By way of explanation.....
He does *like* dangerous people, though.
11. What does Joffrey show Margaery?
All of the heads of the people who betrayed him.
His bank accounts.
His crossbow.
His naughty bits.
12. The wildling Orell isn't the only warg in this episode. Who else do we learn is a warg?
Lady Olenna
13. Who does Arya say taught her to use a sword?
Her brothers
Jaqen H'gar
Syrio Forel
Tywin Lannister
14. Who has been captured by Anguy, archer for the Brotherhood Without Banners?
Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain)
Jaime Lannister
Sandor Clegane (The Hound)
Theon Greyjoy
15. How does the sword fight between Jaime and Brienne end?
Brienne beats him and takes him prisoner again.
Jaime wins and escapes from her.
They are overtaken by Locke, who is working for Roose Bolton to recapture Jaime and return him to Robb Stark.
They kiss.

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