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How Well Do You Know: Archer, Season 4 Recap
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1. "Fugue and Riffs": The very first scene of the season shows an amnesiac Archer manning a:
Burger place
Pizza joint
Air traffic control tower
Second-hand book store
2. "Fugue and Riffs": Archer finds it necessary to take off Lana's shirt and bikini top in order to:
Make and launch a Molotov cocktail
Strangle a KGB agent
Stanch a hot waitress's wound
Smother a tequila fire
3. "The Wind Cries Mary": To meet up with his presumed dead-and/or-possibly-gay friend Lucas Troy, Archer travels to this state:
South Carolina
4. "The Wind Cries Mary": While ISIS is dealing with the Lucas Troy incident, nobody is completing:
Peer reviews
The ISIS mission statement
Personal 5-year plans
5. "Legs": Who assists Krieger during his cyborging of Ray?
Rodney from the armory
The elevator repairman
6. "Legs":

Archer: The ____________'s becoming sentient! Oh God, that's how Maximum Overdrive started!
Emergency generator
Elevator system
Paper shredder
7. "Midnight Ron":

"They always hit me between Schenectady and Albany," so Archer has to off some assailants from Ron Cadillac's:
Driver's seat
Back passenger's seat
8. "Midnight Ron": In a flashback, we see Ron and the rest of his gang - Tony, Donny, Hey-hey Joey, and yes, Fat Mike - boosted a:
Truckload of rubber ducks
Semi full of cigarettes
Ballet company
Sherman tank
9. "Viscous Coupling": Archer's complaining about his tinnitus may have something to do with his frequent use of this in the first part of the episode:
A rape whistle
An air horn
A rocket launcher
An out-of-tune electric guitar
10. "Viscous Coupling": Who spends a good deal of time locked in the ISIS vault with Malory?
11. "Once Bitten": Slowly dying from being bitten on his taint by a snake in Turkmenistan, Archer hallucinates that Ray and Cyril are.......
12. "Once Bitten":....before envisioning a purgatory-like existence in which he converses with a cut-rate:
Wilford Brimley
Steve McQueen
James Mason
Karl Malden
13. "Live and Let Dine": ISIS provides diplomatic security for Lance Casteau's restaurant during a taping of his show called:
Prick Chef
Jackhole Chef
Bastard Chef
Wanker Chef
14. "Live and Let Dine": Lana's name - wait a minute. Woman, will you answer that goddamn phone? - where were we? Oh yeah, Lana's cover name on the operation is:
15. "Coyote Lovely": What Lorax-blowing treehugger is anti-immigration?
16. "Coyote Lovely": Archer, the foxy coyote, a number of Mexicans and some border patrol agents enjoy hijinx as they tool around Texas in:
An early-model SUV
A station wagon
An El Camino
A VW van
17. "The Honeymooners":

Lana: "...what say we focus on the mission: catching the ________ who are in ________ to buy ___________"
North Koreans / New York / enriched Uranium
Cubans / Chicago / a dirty bomb
Libyans / Washington / a fusion reactor
Venezuelans / Philly / the ISIS NOC list
18. "The Honeymooners": Archer somewhat impressively saves Lana from falling off the side of the really tall Tuntmore Towers, but in the process:
Drops Malory's credit card
Ruins his $90 manicure
Breaks a window
Vomits up his steak au poivre
19. "Un Chien Tangerine": In Morocco, Archer and Lana take a room, for an extra $1,000 American, where this famous writer may or may not have stayed:
Ernest Heminway
Jack London
William Faulkern
Allen Ginsburg
20. "Un Chien Tangerine": Malory is presented with a request to promote this person, who aced the ISIS Field Agent Aptitude Battery:
Newly cyborg-ic Ray
21. "The Papal Chase": According to Malory, who, it turns out, "has a thing about church stuff"?
Ron Cadillac
22. "The Papal Chase": Pam nearly Oliver Cromwells the pope with:
A safe
A marble statue
A mirror
An armoire
23. "Sea Tunt: Part I": A liquored-up Malory divulges to Cheryl/Carol's brother Cecil the following:
The password to the ISIS mainframe
The address of the ISIS safe house
The account numbers of the ISIS off-shore bank accounts
The fact that ISIS has acquired its own missile arsenal
24. "Sea Tunt: Part I": For six months, Cheryl/Carol thought she was a:
25. "Sea Tunt: Part II": Environmentalist-gone-just-a-bit-too-far Captain Murphy threatens to launch his nerve gas rockets at each of the following, except for:
Washington, DC
New York
26. "Sea Tunt: Part II": Murphy meets his doom when he is crushed by an off-brand ____________, just like that old gypsy woman said!
Drink machine
Mainframe computer
Armory locker
Break room table

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