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How Well Do You Know: Con Air
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1. What is Cameron Poe's special pet name for his wife?
Little dove
2. Cameron becomes best friends with Baby-O over a mutual love of what treat?
Pink snowballs
Banana moon pies
Chocolate cupcakes
Red velvet Twinkies
3. What does Cameron buy his daughter for her birthday?
A yellow kitten
A red puppy
A blue teddy
A pink bunny
4. Why is there a undercover agent aboard Con Air?
To get information about a murder
In case there was a escape attempt
To get information about a narcotics business
To get information about hidden weapons in the prison
5. Are you as familiar with a thesaurus as Vince Larkin? What does garrulous mean?
To brag
To exaggerate
6. What medical condition does Baby-O have?
He has a heart condition
He is asthmatic
He needs dialysis
He is diabetic
7. A sick twist freak indeed...a tattoo for every act of rape brags Johnny ____.
8. David Chappelle's character goes by the what cute nickname in the film?
Skee Ball
Pac Man
9. What DOESN'T Pinball scream to guard Bishop when Cochise is on fire?
I thought he was singing YMCA
The Last of the Mohicans is burning
I seen that sh*t on the discovery channel
He must have drank the fire water
10. What was Billy Bedlam convicted of?
Killing his wife's entire family
Killing his neighbours
Killing his wife
Killing his entire family
11. What does Cameron plant on the guard he lets go, alerting the police the plane had been taken over?
A note
The guard's badge
An audio tape
12. Cyrus cleverly hide his escape plans in what?
A David Copperfield book
The Bible
In a picture of Mother Mary
A picture of The Last Supper
13. Where is the transponder for the Con Air plane hidden?
In Fat Jenny's tour bus
In Uncle Bob's airplane
In Big Benny's helicopter's
In Aunt Milrad's dairy truck
14. Ving Rhames' character in the film goes by the name of ______ Dog .
15. After falling from the plane, what does Pinball land on?
A car
A glass top building
A bus
A rod iron fence (ewww)
16. What is the name of Con Air's new pilot?
Corn Flake
Swamp Thing
Yellow Devil
Honey Badger
17. Why does Billy Bedlam come after Cameron?
He discovers Cameron planted the tape on the guard
He discovers Cameron was siding against Cyrus
He discovers Cameron wrote the message on Pinball
He discovers Cameron was paroled
18. Sally-Can't-Dance takes off running once the plane lands in Lerner air field. What is he looking for?
A dress
A weapon
19. The big showdown/gun fight between the cons and the police goes down in a place called what?
The Salvage Yard
The Junk Yard
The Bone Yard
The Scrap Yard
20. What is attached behind Con Air, while it's flying away from Lerner airfield?
Part of the control tower
A boulder
A gas truck
A car
21. Define Irony: a couple of idiots aboard Con Air are dancing and singing to a song made famous by victims of a plane crash. What is the name of that band/person?
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Buddy Holly
Otis Redding
22. What is given to Garland Greene by the little girl he meets?
A dolly
A Ken doll
A bear
A Barbie doll
23. What is Garland belting out while the plane was crash landing?
Old McDonald Had a Farm
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
He's Got the Whole World in his Hands
If You're happy and You Know It
24. Diamond dog, Swamp thing and Cyrus make their escape in a/n ________ after the plane crashes.
Tour bus
Police car
Fire truck
25. Where is Garland Greene last seen in the movie?
At a casino playing craps
At a Vegas strip club
Sitting down at a bar
At a casino playing black jack

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