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How Well Do You Know: Jumpin' Jack Flash
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1. Whoopi isn't the only comedian staring in Jumping Jack Flash. Besides Jon Lovitz, what well known SNL comedian plays one of her co-workers?
Phil Hartman
Dana Carvey
Steve Martin
Dan Aykroyd
2. Terry's computer is always on the fritz. What continuously shows up on her computer screen?
A man selling cabbage
Swedish cooking
Russian aerobics
Bass fishing
3. Terry finds herself in hot water with her boss. What is she in trouble for doing?
Goofing off and horsing around on the clock
Fraternizing with clients
Not maintaining a professional work space
Not following the dress code
4. What was Jack's secret code word?
5. Jack asks Terry if she'll deliver a message to the ______ consulate.
6. What is the message Jack has Terry deliver to the consulate?
The rooster crows, and the wind won't blow
The fire is hot, can't swim with a brick
Dogs barking, can't fly without a umbrella
Rain is pouring, and I'm without sunglasses
7. James Belushi plays the bad guy who is after Terry. When we first see him in the movie, what is he pretending to be?
A police officer
A janitor
A taxi driver
A computer repair man
8. What does Jack ask Terry to retrieve from his apartment?
A frying pan
A iron
A camera
9. Where is Terry hiding when Mr. Van Meter is killed?
Up on scaffolding
In the river
Behind a truck
In a dumpster
10. Jack tells Terry he no longer wants her working for him because:
It is getting too dangerous for her
He's found somebody else more qualified
He is afraid for her life after the death of Van Meter
He didn't know she was a girl
11. Terry is completely shocked when her friend Liz tells her the ______ are involved in following Jack.
12. What does Terry dress up as at the party, as a diversion tactic?
A man
Tina Turner
A member of the royal family
One of the Surpremes
13. What happens to Terry's dress at the party?
It gets caught in a paper shredder
It gets caught on a nail
It gets covered in ink from the copy machine
It gets caught in the elevator
14. Who comes into Terry's apartment, causing her to attack them with a tennis racket?
Jeremy Talbott
Her boss
15. Terry goes back to visit her friend Liz Carlson. What has happened to Liz?
She's been arrested
She's been killed
She's been relocated
Jeremy Talbott has her
16. Jack was once involved with a woman that goes by ______ Sarah.
17. A man driving a ______ comes after Terry.
Tow truck
Fire Truck
18. Terry is attacked and dragged through the city in what?
A phone booth
The back of a truck
A dumpster
19. Terry is attacked with truth serum by a man dressed as what?
A fireman
A police officer
20. Terry goes on a rampage in a _________ to find Lady Sarah.
Coffee shop
Beauty salon
Dining hall
21. High on truth serum, Terry insults her boss as well as do what to him?
Yanks off his toupee
Rips his coat pockets
Knees him in the groin
Slap him in the face
22. Lady Sarah comes over to Terry's home, only to be almost attack with a _______.
Giant tooth brush
A Howdy Doody doll
A lamp with a money riding a elephant
A giant blow up crayon
23. How does Terry want Jack to repay her for all her help?
To accompany him to a royal party
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
A trip to a exotic location
24. After being kidnapped by Jeremy Talbott, Terry awakes in a room filled with what?
Refrigerated meat
25. Who was working as a undercover FBI agent all along?
Lady Sarah
Terry's boss Mr. Paige

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