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How Well Do You Know: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Part 2
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1. The king of Erebor was he, the mightiest of all the Dwarf lords:
2. The gem that was discovered by the Dwarfs, the Arkenstone, was referred to as the:
Heart of the Mountain
Heart of the Dragon
Prize of the Ages
Soul of the Mountain
3. The exposition also notes the long-running feud between dwarfs and elves stems from the fact that:
The elves stole the Arkenstone
The elves refused to give aid during the dwarfs' hour of need
The elves created Smaug
The elves slew the dwarf king of Erebor
4. Gandalf maintains that he and Bilbo have met before, but young Bilbo seems to only remember this about the wizard:
His hat
His beard
His staff
His fireworks
5. All the dwarfs - except one - assemble and revel in Biblo's home. Why is Thorin late?
Gandalf gave him bad directions
He had been captured by elves
He was beset by wolves
He was meeting with kin
6. Gandalf's stated reason for wanting Bilbo on the journey is:
He knows Bilbo has a stout heart
His scent would be unknown to Smaug
Premonitions told him a hobbit should accompany the party
He made a problem to Bilbo's father
7. After a night of revelry and contract talks with the dwarfs, Frodo wakens following morning:
On the back of a pony
Alone in a neatened house
In the mud outside his home
Being carried by Gandalf
8. A dwarf recounts Thorin's past run-in the pale orc Azog, who is known as
The Ruiner
The Unvanquished
The Menace
The Defiler
9. Radagast the wizard is associated with this color:
10. The sign something wrong in the dwarf camp the heralds the arrival of the trolls is:
Ponies are missing
Their fires have been stamped out
Their food has been defiled
The moon has been blocked out
11. Bilbo stalls trolls from eating the dwarfs by telling them:
The complete lineage of each of the dwarfs
He will conjure a powerful spell
He will trade the dwarfs for gold
The dwarfs are infected
12. The swords found by the company in the troll cave were made by:
13. Also later seen in the Lord of the Rings movies, Bilbo's sword glows this color when orcs or goblins are nearby:
14. As the Orcs first attack the company, who attempts to draw the Orcs off?
15. As the hobbits hide from Orcs underground, ___________ arrive(s) to defeat the Orcs:
Another wizard
16. Gandalf's main worry about the dragon is that:
It may start attacking cities of men
That he may side with the enemy
It may start attacking the largely defenseless Shire
It may spell the doom of the remaining wizards
17. Sauruman dismisses Radagast because he:
Is actually an agent of the enemy
Has eaten too many mushrooms
Has forsaken the ways of wizards in favor of the company of animals
Has fallen off too many trees
18. Galadriel mentally tells Ganadalf something, right before the council are told by one of the elves:
Radagast has been killed at the entrance to Rivendell
The dwarfs are leaving
Frodo has fallen ill
Smoke rises from the Lonely Mountain
19. When Galadriel asks Gandalf why he brought Bilbo on the journey, the wizard replies that the hobbit gives him:
Peace of mind
20. At the end of the fight between the stone giants, Bilbo:
Is hiding in a cave
Is hanging from a cliff
Has fallen into a chasm
Has been carried away by one of them
21. The Great Goblin's plan for the dwarfs is to:
Sacrifice them to Smaug
Enslave them in the mines
Use them as a feast for the goblins
Hand them over to Azog
22. Gollum loses his ring while:
Beating a goblin to death
Bathing in a pool
Trying to sneak up on Bilbo
Eating a fish
23. The Great Goblin killed by:
Being pushed into a fire
Being crushed with a boulder
Being slashed with sword
An axe wielded by Thorin
24. Despite having the creature within easy reach of his sword, Bilbo chooses to spare Gollum when:
He sees Gollum looking despondent
He remembers Gandalf's warning
He sees the dwarfs have been captured
He has a vision of himself as a terrible warrior
25. Bilbo states that didn't go home when he had the chance because:
He didn't know the way
The dwarfs didn't have home to go to
He wanted to prove himself to the dwarfs
He made a promise to Gandalf
26. When Azog appears to attack the dwarfs, this phrase is uttered:
Just a drop in the bucket
Back to square one
Between a rock and a hard place
Out of the frying pan, into the fire
27. Thorin sees Azog, the dwarf is:
Glad he can avenge his kinsmen
Caught in the jaws of a warg
Dangling from a cliff
28. The conflict between the dwarfs and Azog and his forces takes place:
Next to a cliff
In a valley surrounded by mountains
On the edge of a great lake
In a dark cave
29. Hmmm, we've seen this before. Gandalf summons the Great Eagles with:
A spell
A three-note whistle
A moth
30. In the glimpse we get of Smaug at the end of the movie, it is:
Lying atop a mountain of bones
Lying burrowed in a mountain of bones
Lying atop a mountain of gold
Lying burrowed in a mountain of gold

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