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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 17: A Pharaoh To Remember
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Bender made the news for his daring daylight robbery of:
a discount clothing warehouse
the New New York Public Library
a security camera store
a municipal pool
What is not among the material rewards of the biggest pool caper ever?
a beach ball
a bottle of chlorine
a bikini top
a human child
Bender tries to teach some ___________ about doing the Bender, but they are about free expression, not fascist moves.
roller skaters
mime artists
break dancers
spoken word poets
Bender doesn’t want to be doomed to obscurity. On an enormous blank wall, be spray paints a picture of himself, with the caption:
Honk if Bender is Great
Bender Lives Large And Kicks Butt
Bender, Your Rightful and Glorious King
All Hail Bender the Magnificent
The Planet Express crew hold a surprise funeral for Bender to cheer him up. What is Bender’s favourite cause of death?
a horrific auto-erotic electrocution accident
crushed by a runaway semi driven by the Incredible Hulk
in a hail of gunfire while robbing an orphanage
while breaking the light speed barrier in a hovercraft
Bender gets upset at all of the following at his funeral, except:
Amy is neither loud nor sad enough
Zoidberg sings a song to some dead stiff named Danny-boy
Fry declares Bender to be his friend
the mini-bar in his coffin is insufficiently stocked
Your standard bending unit is made of an iron-osmium allow. But Bender is different thanks to his 0.04% _________ impurity.
The Planet Express crew is tasked with going to Osiris 4 to deliver an enormous sandstone block. What is the name of Osiris 4’s pharaoh?
The Osirans learned many things from the ancient Egyptians, including all of the following except possibly:
how to draw people in profile
pyramid building
space travel
preparing the dead to scare Abbot and Costello
How does the Pharaoh die?
chokes on a water biscuit
an accidental shove off a monument by Bender
entombed alive with his favourite slaves
crushed by a giant stone nose
Pharaoh’s funeral includes an Elton John-type singer. He sings songs that sound like each of the following, except:
Candle in the Wind
Benny and the Jets
Crocodile Rock
The Osirans check the Wall of Prophecy to determine who will be the next Pharaoh. The waves that Bender carves into the Wall of Prophecy are mistaken for:
sand dunes
According to the Wall of Prophecy, Bender is the new Pharaoh, and he commands that a statue of ridiculous proportions be built. How high will it be?
eight million cubits
twelve million cubits
sixty million cubits
one billion cubits
After a lot of cruelty to the slaves, the statue is completed. What does it say?
Adore and Fear Me
Bender Rules
Long Live Bender
Remember Me
Fry, Leela and Bender are trapped in Bender’s tomb. It’s decked out to Bender’s specifications, as you can tell when he offers them a glass of _____________ from his private distillery.
pomegranate schnapps
green apple brandy
cherry grappa
cranberry malt liquor

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