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How Well Do You Know: The Walking Dead, Season 3 Recap Part 2
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1. "The Suicide King": This person is the first to fire shots as the assembled crowd watches the Daryl/Merle thunderdome in Woodbury:
2. "The Suicide King": "And years from now when they write about this plague in the history books, they will write about Woodbury. We persevered." Who delivers this Big Important Speech to calm the increasingly riled-up masses in the streets of Woodbury:
The Governor
3. "Home": What is a reason that Glenn gives that the group should stay at the prison instead of fleeing as Hershel suggests?
Rick's mental status
The presence of the baby
The lack of firepower
The possibility that the Governor is waiting for them to emerge from the prison
4. "Home": Merle and Daryl come across a group beset by walkers:
In a field
In a tunnel
In a small town
On a bridge
5. "Home": This person is farthest away from the prison when the Governor's raid starts:
6. "I Ain't a Judas": This episode is full of people suggesting things. Who suggests to Rick that he step aside as leader of the group, stating that he has earned some rest?
7. "I Ain't a Judas": And who suggests that the group hand Merle over to the Governor to appease him?
8. "Clear": The title of the episode has what relation to Rick's encounter with the we-haven't-seen-him-since-season-1 Morgan?
The word is painted on the walls throughout Morgan's dwelling
It's Morgan's answer when Rick asks him where his son is
It is a word that Morgan repeats when he is son is
It's a code word needed to disarm one of Morgan's more elaborate booby traps
9. "Clear": When Michonne emerges from the cafe, she bears with her the photo Carl sought and a likeness of this animal:
A parrot
A bear
A giraffe
A cat
10. "Clear": At the end of the episode, Carl, Rick and Michonne stop to retrieve this item, a reminder of a traveler they passed at the beginning of the episode:
A cowboy hat
Gasoline cans
A jug of water
A backpack
11. "Arrow on the Doorpost": Which of the following is among the group from the prison that goes to parlay with the Governor?
12. "Arrow on the Doorpost": What does the Governor bring to his meeting with Rick for the two to share?
13. "Prey": After she has fled Woodbury, Andrea and the Governor play hide-and-seek in what type of building?
An abandoned school
An abandoned factory
An abandoned grocery story
An abandoned military outpost
14. "Prey": Andrea temporarily escapes when she sics on the Governor some walkers that had collected:
In an elevator
In a garage
In a supply closet
In an stairwell
15. "Prey": When we last see Andrea in this episode, she is in this type of chair:
Car seat
Dentist's chair
Executioner's chair
Easy chair
16. "This Sorrowful Life": The episode opens with Rick telling two people about the plan to deliver Michonne to the Governor. These are those two people:
Daryl and Hershel
Hershel and Glenn
Merle and Daryl
Carl and Daryl
17. "This Sorrowful Life": Daryl's first reaction at seeing his walker-fied brother was to:
Shoot him
Stab him
18. "Welcome to the Tombs": When Milton asks the Governor what Penny would think if she were still alive, the Governor states:
She would love him
She would be afraid of him
She would respect him
She would want him to make sure justice was done
19. "Welcome to the Tombs": The tool that Milton dropped is:
A wrench
A screwdriver
A hacksaw
20. "Welcome to the Tombs": Among soon-to-be-walkerized Milton's last words to Andrea are:
You'd better hurry
Make sure you get him
I'm sorry for what's next
Tell them I'm sorry

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