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How Well Do You Know: Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 5 and 6
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It has been too long since Bingley had the pleasure of speaking to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Bingley declares they have not met since:
the 8th of December
the 26th of November
the 14th of October
Bingley's younger sister Louisa and her husband is also with the party. What is their surname?
After the party, Miss Bingley declares she finds Lizzie so much altered since the winter. So brown and coarse. What feature of Lizzie's does Miss Bingley find tolerable?
her eyebrows
her nose
her teeth
her chin
Miss Bingley particularly recalls Mr Darcy saying: "She a beauty! I should as soon call her _________!"
mother a wit
younger sister a talent
cousin a sage
youngest sister a lady
To Miss Bingley's dismay, it has been many months since Darcy has considered Lizzie one of the ________ women of his acquaintance.
most fine-looking
Jane has written two letters to Lizzie. The first is inform her that Lydia and Wickham have taken off together - to where?
There is worse news in the second letter. What does it say?
Wickham has cast out Lydia after ruining her
her father has suffered a stroke at the news of Lydia's elopement
the scandalous news has already begun to circulate in society
the marriage between Lydia and Wickham never happened
Darcy interrupts just as Lizzie has finished reading the letters, and she shares their contents with him. What does Lizzie say to herself when he leaves?
"I have lost his good opinion forever."
"I shall never see him again."
"And I must partake of her Lydia's ruin and disgrace"
"What he must think of me."
Lizzie arrives back at Longbourn. Her mother's chief worry is that:
that Lydia may be already with child
any hope she had of marrying off her other daughters is now ruined
Mr Bennet will fight Wickham and be killed
that Lydia will catch her death of cold in Scotland
Mrs. Bennet also has some instructions for Lydia:
that Lydia should invite as many guests to the wedding as she pleases
that Lydia should be married in Longbourn church, where all her friends can see her
that Lydia not give any directions about wedding clothes till she has seen her mother
that Lydia ensure the wedding is anounced properly in the newspaper
Who laments with the Bennets that "the death of your sister would have been a blessing in comparison"?
Mrs. Lucas
Mr. Collins
Mrs. Forster
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Not a day goes by without Mrs. Phillips hearing some new bad tale of Wickham, including all of the following except possibly:
drunken routs
gaming debts
ill treatment of servants
Mr. Bennet has at last learned to be cautious, and Kitty will feel the effects of it. What is not one of his conditions?
if Kitty wishes to marry a worthless young man, she must save up her own fortune to bribe him
no officer is ever to enter his house again, or even to pass through the village
balls will be absolutely prohibited, unless Kitty stands up with one of her sisters
Kitty is never to stir out of doors until she can prove she has spent ten minutes of every day in a rational manner
Mr. Gardiner has written to Mr. Bennet to inform him that Wickham is willing to marry Lydia. Of course they must marry, but what does Mr. Bennet want very much to know?
how much money Mr. Gardiner laid down to bring this about and how he is ever to repay him
why Wickham, for all his faults, has agreed to marry such a silly girl
whether he will ever be able to see Lydia again
what he is to do with Mr. Wickham as a son-in-law
Mr Bennet has no choice but to accept the arrangements. And when he takes into account what he shall save on Lydia's board and pocket allowance, he's scarcely how many pounds a year worse off?
Wickham has a new commission. Where is it?
The newly-married Lydia and Wickham arrive at Longbourn. What does Lydia note?
that her father is not there to greet her
that she has done what none of her sisters have
that she must enter the house ahead of her older sisters, as she is married
that there are no party decorations out for her
Who was groomsman for Wickham at the wedding to Lydia?
Colonel Forster
Shortly after, Mr Bingley returns to Netherfield and comes to call on the Bennets. Kitty asks her mother why she keeps ________.
Jane and Mr. Bingley are engaged to be married. Mr. Bennet believes they will do very well together for all of the following reasons, except possibly:
they are so complying that nothing will ever be resolved on
they are so sweet-natured that they will be at the mercy of their silly sisters
they are so generous that they will always exceed their income
they are so easy that every servant will cheat them
The next unexpected visitor is none other than the esteemed Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Where does she suggest she take a turn with Lizzie?
around this inconvenient sitting room
around the very small courtyard
around the west-facing lawn, which must do very ill in summer
around the pretty-ish kind of little wilderness
From their infancy, Darcy and Anna de Bourgh have been intended for one another. Lady Catherine de Bourgh will not be prevented by:
the upstart pretensions of a young woman without family, connections or fortune
the parvenu ambitions of a young woman uninhibited by the disgrace of her scandalous family
the social climbing of a young woman who desires an advantageous marriage
the vulgarian aspirations of a young woman seeking to venture above her status
Lady Catherine de Bourgh refers to Lizzie as being all of the following, except:
Mr. Bennet has received an exceedingly diverting letter. He is particularly amused with the news that:
Mr. Wickham is seeking Mr. Bennet's advice on how to temper his wife's behaviour
Maria Lucas has also run off with an officer of the regiment
Mr. Darcy is soon to marry Lizzie
Mr. Collins has fallen from favour with Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Darcy and Bingley arrive, and Bingley suggests a walk to Meryton. On the walk, Darcy declares "If your feelings are what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever." Lizzie's feelings:
have altered considerably
are dissimilar to what they once were
are quite the opposite
are now in exact contrast
What was it that caused Darcy to have hope that Lizzie might accept him?
Mrs. Gardiner's sound advice
Mr. Bingley's promotion of the idea
Lady Catherine's telling of her meeting with Lizzie
Georgiana's encouragement
Which reproof of Lizzie's shall Darcy never forget? You do not know how these words have tortured him!
"From the very beginning, your manners impressed me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain for the feelings of others."
"You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it."
"Had you behaved in a more gentleman-like manner."
"I had not known you a month before I felt you were the last man in the world whom I could ever marry!"
Who does Lizzie first inform of her engagement to Mr Darcy?
Mr. Bennet
Mrs. Bennet
Charlotte Lucas
Jane is surprised that Lizzie has consented to marry Darcy, because she knows how much Lizzie dislikes him. But in cases such as these:
first impressions do not always have the truth of it
admiration and love overcome all rational objections
passionate dislike can provide a sound footing for a happy marriage
a good memory is unpardonable
Lizzie does not know how long she has loved Darcy, but she believes she must date it from:
when he first asked her to dance at the Netherfield ball
when she first saw his beautiful grounds at Pemberley
when she saw him emerging from the lake
when he first introduced her to his sister

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