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How Well Do You Know: The Game
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1. The events in the film more or less coincide with this event:
Nicholas van Orton's promotion
Nicholas's birthday
New Year's Eve
The Fourth of July
2. Conrad van Orton leaves a message for his brother Nicholas requesting the two have lunch under this pseudonym:
Hugh Jazz
I.P. Freely
Jacques Strap
Seymour Butts
3. The company that runs The Game goes by:
AGI - American Gametime Incorporated
UDE - United Diversion Endeavors
CRS - Consumer Recreation Services
WAC - Worldwide Amusement Corporation
4. Nicholas overhears a pair of men talking about CRS, but they provide him with only vague allusions as to what the game is about when they talk in:
An airport lobby
An athletic club lounge
A train station
A theater
5. Throughout the film, Nicholas is haunted by memories of his father, who:
Was killed by his mother in self-defense
Was accidentally killed by a young Nicholas
Was accidentally killed by a young Conrad
Killed himself
6. While he is in a meeting, Nicholas receives a call from CRS stating:
He has scored higher on the battery of tests than anyone else ever
His application for The Game has been declined
CRS is going out of business
His Game has already been concluded
7. It's not creepy at all, no sir, not at all when Nicholas arrives home and find a dummy of __________ laying in his driveway:
A clown
A ballerina
A leprechaun
A toy soldier
8. Nicholas gets further indication that something is awry when a man on a television speaks to him during a/n:
Financial report
Weather report
Football game
9. Where does Nicholas find the first key?
In the clown's hand
Under the clown's hat
Under the clown's nose
In the clown's mouth
10. Nicholas attempts to strong-arm Anson Baer, the head of Baer-Grant, which is in this type of business:
Toy manufacturing
11. During his visit to see Anson Baer, Nicholas intends to serve termination papers, but does not because:
Baer has a heart attack during the meeting
The papers in his briefcase are all blank
Nicholas receives an urgent call from Conrad
He cannot get his briefcase open
12. Nicholas meets the enigmatic Christine at a restaurant when she:
Sits down, uninvited, at his table
Spills a drink on him
Sends him a drink from the bar
Flashes him
13. At the restaurant, a man posing as a waiter slips a note to Nicholas which reads:
She's the key to The Game
She's going to kill herself
Your Game has begun
Don't let her get away
14. After encountering a collapsed man in the street, Nicholas and Christine are supposedly taken to a hospital, but when they get there:
Christine pulls a gun on Nicholas
They are chased by wild dogs
The collapsed man pulls a knife on the two and robs Nicholas
The lights go out and everyone runs away
15. When Christine and Conrad make their way to his office, she changes clothes, and he notices she wears this, which is of some import later:
A green bra
Red panties
Purple panties
A red bra
16. Christine's explanation for why she spilled the drink on Nicholas is:
She was paid to do it
She was trying to get fired
She was tired from working two jobs
The maitre'd at the restaurant dared her to
17. Nicholas is summoned to a hotel, at which he is recognized by the staff, even though he maintains he has never been there before. In "his" room, he finds lurid pictures and:
A dead body
Another clown doll
Conrad, tied to a chair
18. An increasingly frazzled Nicholas returns home at night to find his house disturbed. He finds messages written in black-light paint on the walls, as this song blares:
White Rabbit
Don't Fear the Reaper
Purple Haze
Hotel California
19. A clearly freaked-out Conrad appears to believe that Nicholas is part of CRS when he opens the glove compartment in Nicholas' car and finds:
Keys. Lots of keys
A hidden camera
A toy doll
Photos of their dead father
20. Nicholas gets wet when this type of vehicle in which he rides plunges into the bay:
Police car
21. Nicholas visits Christine's "house" and soon realizes everything in it is fake, as he finds each of the following, except:
No water comes from the tap
The refrigerator is empty
Fireplace logs
A price tag on a lamp
22. When Nicholas finds and destroys a camera in __________ in Christine's house, a CRS team opens fire on the house and the fleeing pair.
Smoke detector
Ceiling fan
Toy clown
23. Nicholas is panicked when he makes calls and is told his funds have vanished. When he calls his lawyer, his lawyer:
Confirms the money has been stolen
Tells Nicholas he is with CRS
Tells Nicholas that all the money has been accounted for
Tells Nicholas the news has been reporting he has been kidnapped
24. Christine drugs Nicholas by:
Slipping something into his drink
Kissing him
Injecting him with a syringe
Giving him a tainted cigarette
25. Having been drugged by Christine, Nicholas awakes:
In an alley
In a morgue
In a cemetery
On the banks of a river
26. ...and in which country does Nicholas find himself? (think: "I was drugged and left for dead in ___________ - and all I got was this stupid T-shirt")
27. Nicholas recognizes "Jim Feingold", the CRS employee who administered his tests as an actor, and tracks the man down:
At a restaurant
At a police station
At an arcade
At a zoo
28. What is Conrad holding when Nicholas accidentally shoots him?
A bottle of champagne
Plane tickets
A birthday ticket
A bunch of balloons
29. "Thank God you jumped - because if you didn't, I was supposed to throw you off!" Who says this to Nicholas at his birthday party?
Anson Baer
Jim Feingold
30. At the conclusion of the film, Nicholas expresses amazement when Conrad:
Tells Nicholas who Christine really is
Shows him the bill
Tells Nicholas what the object of the game really is
Reveals that he is actually a CRS employee

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