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How Well Do You Know: Four Weddings and a Funeral
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1. The always-late Charles manages to avoid a small disaster during Wedding #1 (Angus and Laura) after realizing that, in his rush to get to the wedding on time, he forgot:
the couple's wedding rings
his tuxedo
the marriage license
the bride's name
2. Charles meets Carrie for the first time when he:
rear-ends her car while rushing into the church
asks if anyone has a breath mint
asks to borrow her umbrella
compliments her on her hat
3. Charles's friend Fiona informs him that Carrie used to work at this magazine.
4. While talking to an acquaintance during the wedding reception, Charles accidentally informs the poor man that his wife:
is divorcing him
has been cheating on him since before they were married
is a lesbian
is infertile
5. Charles's plans to spend time alone after the wedding with Carrie are nearly derailed when:
his flatmate Scarlett becomes ill and needs a ride home
he gets lost on the way to the inn
a drunken wedding guest comes downstairs looking for her
the police arrive, searching rooms for a local thief
6. Carrie mentions that she found part of the wedding to be a bit odd - what?
the bride and groom did not kiss in the church after being announced as husband and wife
the bride's father did not give her away
none of the bridal party - bride and groom included - smiled or looked happy to be there
the bridesmaids' interpretive dance
7. Charles and Carrie spend the night together. The next morning, Carrie teases Charles by asking him:
if he is ready to be a father - she just knows she's pregnant!
if he will fight her husband for her hand
when they will be announcing their engagement -they did sleep together, after all!
to remind her of his name
8. Wedding #2 (Lydia and John) ends happily, even though
the bridal party winds up at the wrong church
there is a brawl between the groom's guests and the bride's guests
the vicar can't remember his lines or the couple's names
the ring bearer throws a temper tantrum mid-ceremony
9. Gareth theorizes to his friends that couples get married because:
they are gluttons for punishment
they have run out of things to talk about, and their wedding day gives them something to talk about forever
they are bored and need something to do to fill up their time - like plan a wedding
they enjoy throwing their money away
10. Talk about kicking a man while he's down. Shortly after finding out Carrie is engaged, Charles has an awkward dinner after he finds he's seated at a table with some ex-girlfriends. They spend the dinner discussing Charles's:
skill (or lack thereof) in the bedroom
overbearing mother
lack of discretion when it comes to discussing his exes
obsession with his appearance
11. Trying to avoid more ex-girlfriends, Charles hides in an unlocked hotel room, which turns out to be an unfortunate choice - why?
Carrie and Hamish enter the room and fight about her interest in Charles
he walks in during the middle of a robbery
his ex Henrietta is in there waiting for him
the room is the bridal suite, and he gets stuck there while the newlyweds consummate their marriage
12. Charles runs into Carrie while shopping for her wedding gift. After watching her try on wedding dresses, they end up chatting at a cafe, where a surprised Charles discovers...what?
Carrie's plan to move back to the States after she's married
Carrie is only marrying Hamish for his money
their waitress is one of his exes
Carrie's number of sexual partners
By way of explanation.....
"lovely" Charles is #32
13. Shortly before his untimely death at Carrie and Hamish's wedding reception, Gareth instructs his friends to "go forth and _______."
14. Charles runs into ex Henrietta at Wedding #3 (Carrie and Hamish). She says she's happy she and Charles never married, because marrying him would mean marrying his friends. She then admits to knowing that his friends have given her the nickname ______.
15. The gang of friends discover during Gareth's funeral that:
Carrie and Hamish had decided to get an annulment
Gareth had two children
Gareth and Matthew had been partners for years
Charles's brother David is dating his flatmate Scarlett
16. So, it's Charles and Duckface's wedding day (Wedding #4). By some small miracle, Charles ends up at the church on time after:
his friends changed the time on his alarm clocks
the taxi drives through people's back yards so as to have a direct route to the church
actually waking up on time!
the wedding is delayed - Duckface is running late
17. Shortly before he's about to get married, Charles learns that Carrie:
is pregnant
has come to the wedding to profess get love for Charles
has moved back to America
has divorced Hamish
18. "If any man can show any just cause why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him speak now or else hereafter forever hold his peace." Who speaks?
David, Charles's brother
By way of explanation.....
David, being deaf, uses sign language - Charles translates David's message for the wedding guests
19. Charles has a busy afternoon, what with leaving his fiancee at the altar after admitting he's in love with another woman. Carrie visits Charles and agrees to:
marry him
move back to America with him in tow
not marry him for as long as they both shall live
move in with him
20. The last few minutes of the movie shows up updates on Charles and Carrie, and the love lives of his friends and family. Scarlett marries her Texan boyfriend; Tom marries his distant cousin; Matthew has a new partner; David marries his girlfriend; Charles and Carrie, still not married, have a son. Who does Fiona marry?
Pierce Brosnan
Ringo Starr
Prince Charles
Elton John

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