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How Well Do You Know: Ratatouille
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1. In what country does the film take place?
2. What was the name of Auguste Gusteau's cookbook?
Bon Appetit, Mon Ami
Anyone Can Cook
Culinary Essence
Wonders in the Kitchen
3. Which veteran actor voiced Remy's father Django?
Paul Reubens
Tom Selleck
Robert Guillaume
Brian Dennehy
4. During his raid on the old woman's kitchen at the beginning of the film, what did Remy learn about Gusteau?
He had died
He had retired
He had lost his sense of taste
He was hiring a new sous chef
5. Where in the old woman's house did Remy's father and the rest of the rat colony hide?
In the ceiling
In the wine cellar
Under her bed
Under the sink in the kitchen
6. While still with the colony, Remy held this unfulfilling position?
Cat sentry
Poison checker
Nest builder
Fungus wrangler
7. Early in the film, Chef Skinner discusses a plan to lend Gusteau's name to a line of
French fries
Powdered drink mixes
Frozen food
Boxed wine
8. Remy got separated from the rest of the rats as they fled the old woman, as while the group rode boats, Remy floated on:
A cookbook
A loaf of bread
A log
A large leaf
9. What was the connection between Linguini and Gusteau?
Gusteau was Linguini's uncle
Gusteau was Linguini's mentor
Linguini had attended Gusteau's cooking school
Linguini was Gusteau's son
10. Linguini was almost fired on his first day, but was spared when he was thought to have cooked a dish which a critic liked. What was the dish, which was actually made by Remy?
A souffle
A desert pastry
11. Remy was able to guide Linguini through cooking as he hid in Linguini's:
12. Skinner's sous chef Horst claimed that he killed a man with:
A shoelace
A glass of lemonade
His thumb
A shamrock
13. While Skinner was trying to get drunk, Linguini wondered about the name "ratatouille," theorizing that sounded like a combination of the words "rat" and which other word?
14. As Linguini is about to reveal the secret of his cooking to Colette, Remy forces him to:
Slap her
Kiss her
Turn his back and continue peeling potatoes
Shove grapes in his mouth
15. What is the nickname of Aton Ego?
The Grim Eater
The Unemployer
The Dark Pen
The Kitchen Terminator
16. As Remy fled the restaurant with Gusteau's will, Skinner chased him on this type of conveyance:
A scooter
A skateboard
A hanglider
A unicycle
17. What interrupts the press conference held when Linguini is revealed as the Gusteau's heir?
A horde of rats storms into the restaurant
The power goes out
Anton Ego makes an appearance
The kitchen catches fire
18. What is Linguini's first name?
19. For the majority of the film, Gusteau's had this many stars:
20. When Linguini told his kitchen staff the truth about Remy, they:
Fainted in disbelief
Walked out of the kitchen
Shook their heads and resumed cooking
21. As the rats were cooking in the kitchen, who was tied up in the pantry?
The health inspector
The health inspector and Skinner
Skinner, the health inspector and Ego
22. With his first bite of ratatouille, Ego flashes back to:
His first meal as a critic
Meeting his wife
Playing with his dog in a field of flowers
His mother comforting him with food
23. What happened to Gusteau's immediately after Ego's review was published?
It regained its lost stars
It was flooded with customers
It was closed due to health violations
It was renamed Remy's
24. Which comedic actress provides the voice of Colette?
Sarah Silverman
Janeane Garofalo
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kristin Chenoweth
25. The short accompanying Ratatouille concerned an alien trainee and a whole lot of switches. What was the name of the short?

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